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The Sliding Bar offers better freedom and range of motion than the fixed hook. It allows you to rotate your body without the harness twisting, the connection between you and the Kite is therefore softer.

The harness does not go up: The connection with the Kite being closer to the body, there is not the leverage that a fixed hook can have.

It's a good alternative for foil, surf and strapless.


1 - Abrasion resistant ropes

Maximum durability, resistance to tension and tearing.

2 - Kevlar construction

Ultralight construction offering the best possible resistance.

3 - Double strings

Better longevity and a slower and controllable sliding.


Abrasion resistant ropes

The ropes consist of a 4mm Spectra inside a 6mm abrasion resistant sheath for durability, tensile strength and maximum tearing.

The Sliding Hook offers better freedom and range of motion than the fixed hook.

Kevlar construction

All textile parts exposed to friction (including the chicken loop) are made of Kevlar to keep an ultralight construction offering the best possible resistance.

Double strings

We use two ropes because it offers a better longevity and a slower and controllable sliding.

Detached pieces

All sizes of ropes (24cm, 28cm, 32cm) are available as spare parts.