Levo 900 Windsurf Foil Plane (Front Wing + Stabiliser + Fuselage)

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The LEVO 900 wing was especially designed for windfoiling: it has a very long span to provide all the stability required for foiling on a windsurf board and its surface area of 900cm² is large enough to provide all the lift needed.

- Designed for Windfoiling
- Stability & Control
- Fantastic Speed Potential

Area: 900cm²
Aspect Ratio:  4.3
Weight: 1.05kg

Available in September 2018




Construction & Equipment

The arched shape ensures you always have plenty of control and the tips are twisted slightly to reduce drag and increase the stability.
Built in carbon pre-preg with unidirectional and bi-axial fibers, the wing is light and more the constructions ensures a full control with no flex. It has a metal core and the connector is fully machined via CNC for a very solid and accurate assembly.

We have developed a specific fuselage which makes the foil compatible with windsurfing boards that have their fin box usually located further back from the rear foot. The connection with the mast is moved back to allow for the right placement of the wing and mast respectively. Using this dedicated and longer windsurf fuselage helps achieve better stability in all directions.

The fuselage is also fully machined in aluminium and features the TITAN connection to plug onto any size of our aluminium mast.

With its dedicated fuselage, the LEVO 900 offers perfect control and stability with a very nice speed potential for a user-friendly windfoil package. Using our various options for top mast connection, it can be fitted on any boards with tuttle, DeepKF or track systems.


- Tools Torx T30 & Wrench #10
- T-Nuts (A4) x4
- M6-16mm tapered head screws (A4 - T30 torx) x2
- M6-25mm tapered head screws (A4 - T30 torx) x4
- M6-50mm cylindrical head screws (A4 - T30 torx) x2
- Washer 12mm x4



Area: 900cm2 
Aspect Ratio:  4.3 
Weight: 1.05kg

Alu Masts

The Mast Top Parts are the connecting parts between the aluminium mast and the foil board. They fit directly onto the aluminium mast and are available for various standards.









The F-ONE aluminium mast can be used for all disciplines, kite, surf, sup and windsurf. The profile is extruded with precision from 6063 aluminium block. Theshape of its section benefits from our years of experience in kitefoiling to provide the best gliding feel while keeping the strength up and the weight down. It comes with two stainless steel helicoil inserts at the bottom and at the top to fasten the connecting parts and is therefore fully modular. The aluminium mast can be used on every foil of the range and it is very easy to jump from one length to another.  A number of parts are available for board connection(Plate, KF, Deep KF, Tuttle).

Carbon Masts

The F-ONE Carbon masts provide amazing speed potential with top precision in all conditions. With their high-performance profile evolving from 1.2 cm thick at the bottom to 1.35 cm at the top, these masts deliver an impressive feeling of glide and top of the range performance. The intricate profile and chord length prevent turbulence and make them very secure and stable at speed. Their elaborate carbon PRE-PREG one-shot molding construction makes sure these masts meet the required demand on torsion and bending stiffness to keep the control of the foil at any moment and especially when pushing hard.

Equipped with a built-in TITAN mast foot, the carbon masts are compatible with all TITAN fuselage our Wings. Available in 65cm length with tuttle head and lighter layup or in 85cm, 95cm and 105 with stiffer layup including some high modulus carbon and a deep tuttle head. 

Section thickness: 12mm (bottom) / 13.5mm (top)
Section chord: 110mm (bottom) / 135mm (top)


Versatile and progressive, the C300 stabilizer can be combined with any front wings and fits a very large range of practices. Equipped with generous winglets, the stabilizer blade offers fantastic control with enough surface area to provide full confidence in all situations.
Built in Carbon Composite and designed to be securely mounted on F-ONE fuselages, its profile and angle of incidence were tuned to achieve a very intuitive balance which will help you get your foiling maneuvers in more easily.