Why You Should Have A Kitesurfing Buddy

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Why You Should Have A Kitesurfing Buddy

Kitesurfing can be fun and sometimes easier to do alone, but like with many sports, having a buddy can make the experience much better!

From fun to safety, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should have a kitesurfing buddy.

Buddies for Beginners

Being a beginner at anything can be really tricky, and sometimes daunting. Having a buddy to go through it with you can help alleviate some of the apprehension or concerns you might have. Not only that, but there is also physical help that can sometimes be required from kitesurfing. Having a buddy to help launch and catch you can be a valuable asset for a beginner. Not only that, but it’s useful to learn with a buddy, as then you can take turns. This also means there is time to rest and re-cooperate in-between turns. 


 Split Costs

Starting a new sport can be expensive! If you have a buddy to split the costs with, it will be a little easier on your wallet. Kitesurfing buddies can share a single kite – set up. If your buddy is someone you know well and trust, then splitting the cost of what the set-up needs, such as you get a board and your buddy gets a kite, would be the perfect money-saving solution.

Kitesurfing Lessons 

Getting lessons in something new, especially ‘one on one’ can feel a little intimidating. If you can buddy up, it is a great way to share the experience and learning together. You won’t feel so ‘on your own’ and also you will have someone to laugh with at mishaps! Sharing a lesson is also a good way of keeping costs down, as most instructors will do a cheaper rate for two people per lesson than a one on one session.

Ride Buddies

It’s always nice to have someone to share your sport with, especially at the same time. Having a buddy who you can ride with is great fun. It does mean you will need a set up each, but it also means you have someone to kitesurf with! Obviously, it’s also great to have a ride buddy for practical and safety reasons.

A buddy can help you launch into the water, though practically, this would be the stronger buddy of the two, and preferably someone who can also self-launch after. A riding buddy should also be able to help you practice bringing your board back to you and be able to help you when you’re out on the water.

To get the most out of your ride buddy, and them out of you, learn each other’s safety procedures in case either of you need a quick release in an emergency situation.  

Share your knowledge

 Having someone to share your tips and tricks with, and they with you is a brilliant benefit to having a buddy. There are many reasons to share knowledge with each other. It can help you grow and improve as a kite surfer, you can learn new skills, and sharing knowledge can also help you stay motivated!

Support system

Having a kitesurfing buddy means you could also have a support system. After all, no one knows kitesurfing frustrations or celebrations like your fellow kite surfer. We all know what it’s like to talk passionately about something we’re really interested in, only for the other person to not understand or show interest in what we’re saying. This won’t happen with your kite buddy! You can feel free to bounce ideas off each other and console each other if you’ve had a particularly tough surf. That encouragement and motivation from someone who is participating in the same sport as you can be really reassuring. Not only that, but you also have someone to take all those great action shots for your social media! 


Grab a buddy for a kitesurfing expedition, and make sure to check out these kitesurfing accessories before you go!