What is Wind Foiling?

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What is Wind Foiling?

One thing that makes watersports so exciting is its continual evolution, allowing for new and exciting practices. Thanks to some bright ideas and smart science, foiling technology is quickly allowing boarders from various disciplines to take to the skies.

Surfers, SUPers, kite or windsurfers can all have a go at foiling, while it’s tricky to start with initially, those who master it enjoy the challenge and newfound diversity. Windsurfers are among those who are mastering foils; if you’re interested in learning more or having a go, we’ve put together a basic guide for wind foiling.

What is Wind Foiling?

A foil (also known as hydrofoil) is a specially designed mast with wings that sit underneath the water. Wind foiling involves attaching a foil to a board (which will need to have the correct mounts) and you’re on your way! It works when the board is travelling at speed and water gets caught underneath the wings, causing the board to rise out of the water. Many people love foiling for the unique feeling of gliding; some even say it feels like flying. For more insight on foiling, check out our Insider’s Guide to Foiling.

Who is Wind Foiling For?

If you’re experienced in windsurfing and feel relatively confident in your skills, it may be time to give foiling a try. The best starting point is for those who already feel easy on a board. It helps to be confident in a harness and in adjusting your stance depending on conditions. Many describe the trick to getting going is understanding the difference foiling makes, as it is almost a new skill to learn.

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Is Foiling the Future?

Many watersports have picked up on foiling, and it certainly seems to be here to stay. Adding diversity to a sport can be a great thing, and foiling appears to be working in harmony alongside conventional windsurfing to allow for more variety within the sport.

What are the Pros of Wind Foiling?

There are some fantastic reasons for windsurfers to give foiling a go:

It’s a New Skill

Learning new skills is always a great achievement. While mastering the technique may be a little tricky, on average, windsurfers trying out foiling for the first time are able to get flying in the first couple of hours. Most people also say that foiling is extremely addictive; the feeling of seamlessly gliding through the air is unparalleled.

Fly in Lighter Winds

One of the most enticing pros of wind foiling is the opportunity to get out in lighter winds. Conventional windsurfing often requires winds of about 15-20 knots for it to be exciting, but with wind foiling, you can get a great session in winds of 10-15 knots. Some very skilled foilers can get out in winds down to six knots, but it takes some serious practice. All of this means you’ll be able to get out for more sessions as you’ll be less limited by the wind conditions.

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Wind Foiling is a Growing Sport

Adding new dynamics is a great way to breathe a new lease of life into a sport. The windsurfing community is enjoying a new wave of interest due to wind foiling, and many windsurfing champions are getting behind the sport as ambassadors.

Find a Renewed Passion for Windsurfing

Some people can fall out of love with windsurfing due to trying to find conditions and the limitations when you do get out. Wind foiling can help breathe a new lease of life into the sport. Increased surf opportunity and the ability to do more and go further when foiling is a great reason to get back out!

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