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What to Wear Paddleboarding

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What to Wear Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular water sports, with riders both amateur and experienced spending more and more time gliding across Britain’s waterways and coast. But, while picking up the basic techniques of SUP is relatively easy for beginners, finding information about paddleboarding equipment and clothing can sometimes be tricky. Consequently, here at F-One, we’ve put together a brief guide for what to wear paddleboarding to ensure you are dressed appropriately and hit the water with confidence:


If you’re paddleboarding in hot weather, the best thing to wear is a swimsuit. Not only will this keep you comfortable and cool while you’re gliding along on your board, but if you do decide to leap into the water to quickly cool off, you’ll be wearing the perfect attire to do so! Whether you opt for a bikini, a swimming costume or swim trunks, be sure to lather on plenty of sun cream to protect your skin from those powerful UV rays.

Two people laying on a paddleboard wearing black bikini bottoms.

Quick Dry T-Shirts

For paddlers who are particularly sensitive to the sun or could benefit from an extra layer, quick dry t-shirts are a must-have item when heading out for a paddle. Being made of lightweight fabric that dries in an instant, these handy tees won’t remain wet for long and will help you cover up in both warm and cold weather. However, if you’re paddleboarding in winter, be sure to purchase a thick quick dry t-shirt as this will provide far better insulation than a standard SUP tee!

Board Shorts

As with kitesurfing, board shorts are also another great item of clothing to wear when paddleboarding as they can be worn both in and out the water and with many designs being made with specialised UV protective material, they can also serve as a vital defence to ensure you remain burn-free while out on your board.

Utilising a unique four-way stretch material that repels water like a charm, not only are our Manera Haapiti Board Shorts incredibly flexible but they are also super stylish, meaning you can look and feel great while paddling!

Our Manera Haapiti Board Shorts in slate.

Paddle Caps

No matter what season you’re paddleboarding in, a paddle cap is an essential accessory that will come in handy. In blazing sunshine, these lightweight caps will shield your face from the sun while offering protection from those chilly winter winds in cooler conditions. Again, being made from quick-dry material, it doesn’t matter if you get your cap wet while paddling as it will be dry again in no time!


As with many other water sports, wetsuits are a popular item to wear when paddleboarding in cold conditions and provide effective insulation by trapping a layer of water between your skin and the inner lining of the suit to help keep you warm when temperatures plummet. Once inside, the suit utilises your body heat to warm the water, which then works to insulate your skin and protect you from the cold.

 If you’re paddleboarding in winter, a full suit from our Manera wetsuits range will ensure you remain comfortable yet toasty, so you can glide along to your heart’s content for as long as you please despite the chilly conditions.

A blonde man wearing one of our Manera wetsuits before paddle boarding.

Floatation/Impact Vests

Arguably the most important article of paddle board clothing, a floatation vest – also known as an impact vest – will ensure you are safe during a paddling session, protecting you from the waves as well as helping you to stay afloat if you do find yourself in a dangerous situation. Even if the weather is warm and the conditions appear calm, we always recommend wearing one of these vests as taking proper safety precautions is vital, even when partaking in seemingly less vigorous water sports like paddleboarding. Plus, if you’re heading out in cold weather, these vests can also provide an extra layer of insulation, which is always good!

While these are just a few of the best items to wear when paddleboarding, there are lots more options on offer to budding paddlers. If you would like to find out more about our paddleboarding clothing, accessories or SUP packages, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to help. Otherwise, head to our blog to check out the best places to paddleboard near Bristol, Devon or why you should consider starting SUP this spring!