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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Kiteboard

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Kiteboard

Whether you are purchasing your first kiteboard or your 10th, it is always a very exciting time, but it can be challenging to know what type of board is best suited to you. If you have done some lessons or already have some experience, you may have a brief understanding of what kind of board you require, but if you are a beginner, it is best to do some research before spending money on the wrong board. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘beginner’s kiteboard’, but not to fear, there are particular features to look out for if you are just starting out. From the size of the board to the style, we share our tips on how to select the perfect kiteboard for you and the type of ride you want to achieve.

What Size Kiteboard Should I Use?

When choosing the size of your kiteboard, there are two main factors you want to consider: what level are you at and also, what is the ratio of weight to board size. If it is your first board, you ideally want to opt for a slightly larger one. The reason for this is because the bigger the board, the less likely you are to nosedive and crash frequently. Furthermore, by using a larger board, you will require less wind power to get up in the air and, therefore, you can have the chance to learn good kite techniques.

It is crucial that you purchase a board for the ability you are currently at, and not the level you expect to be at in the coming months. By having a larger board to start with, you can gain some confidence and experience to then move onto a smaller one. Don’t be drawn in by deals and instead buy the board that is best for you.

Not only can your ability help to determine the board size you choose, but your weight should also be taken into consideration. Here is a handy guide to follow to give you a rough understanding of what size board is best suited to your weight:

 Weight (KG) Board Size (CM)  Width (CM)
56 to 68 134 to 148 41
68 to 81 140 to 160 43
81 to 95 142 to 165 45
95+ 146 to 165 46


A man kitesurfing using an F-One Kites kiteboard

What Style of Kiteboard Should I Use?

There are a few different styles of kiteboards on offer, all of which alter the type of ride you will achieve.


Perhaps the most common style of kiteboard is the freeride/freestyle type. This design is aimed at kiteboarders who are starting to define how they want to ride. You can use this board in all conditions, from choppy to flat water, making it a brilliant all-rounder. Boards of this sort will feature a medium rocker line, which will help to improve the overall speed, ride, pop and handling. With this added feature, the rider can begin to experiment with jumps and tricks. Furthermore, some freeride/freestyle kiteboards use carbon to help with the stiffness of the ride; this can offer the rider more control and pop while also being able to ride at a faster pace. You can purchase a twin-tip board which can be used for almost all riding styles, including freeride/freestyle. The board is symmetrical at both ends and is perfect for achieving some big air tricks.

A man performing a trick on an F-One Kites kiteboard


Wakestyle riding is for those who want more power and pop, so it is a more specific type of board and perfect for low kite tricks. As the kite sits lower, the rider can achieve an extreme level of pop because they can edge harder against the board. This board is also a twin-tip style, and you ride it by slotting your feet into “boots”; this offers added support, cushion and security. For more information, check out our blog on the benefits of kitesurfing boots. A wakestyle board isn’t suited to a beginner, and instead, it is best for mid-ability to advanced riders.

Now that you know how to purchase the perfect kiteboard for you, why not discover how to choose the right kitesurfing kite. Here at F-One Kites, we offer a wide range of equipment for many watersports, including a fantastic collection of twin tip boards. Take a look at our range today and get your hands on some of your own equipment so that you can take to the waves at your leisure!