The Top Seven Apps Every Kitesurfer Needs

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The Top Seven Apps Every Kitesurfer Needs

Apps are incredibly useful tools, especially when trying to find the most up to date information hassle-free. We have selected the top apps out there to cover all bases. Whether you need help booking a place to stay for your next trip, wondering what the forecast is at the weekend or need some tips for your next session, there is an app for it all! Take a look at our dedicated list of kitesurfing apps below.

For Socialising

Kite Cloud

This is a social app for those who want to keep up to date and communicate with fellow kitesurfers. The main draw to this app is the ‘live spot communication.’ Look over the kitesurfing map, select your top spots and then enter the online community who also share the same love for that location. Perhaps you have already visited or plan to visit, either way, you can keep up to date and get advice directly from other kitesurfers on the app.

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For Logging Sessions

Kitetracker App

This app is for keeping track of your kitesurfing progress! Track your sessions and share them with other app users. The app allows you to follow your progress on distance, climb length and speed, amongst other useful measurements. Data and photos are automatically uploaded to the app and can be transferred to other social media platforms if you desire.

For Discovering New Locations

The Kitemap

This tool allows you to look for your favourite beaches, depending on wind conditions and setting, to find the best location for your kitesurf. You can add to the map or discover places you have never been to before. This no nonsense app is made by kitesurfers, for kitesurfers.

For Travelling


As you can guess, this is the kitesurfer’s version of Airbnb, and it is an incredibly useful app for when you are on the move. Created by Jörg Asthoff and Pascal Kühnhenrich, it aims to provide you with the best selection of accommodation for your budget. All properties have been personally checked by the company to ensure your stay meets the standards required to make a successful and pleasant kitesurfing trip.

For Technique Tips


This app is the way to introduce yourself to new tricks and tips. It is a tool which offers online coaching that you can download to your device and replay wherever you are. It is home to an array of insightful and helpful videos which are focussed on improving your current ability. With so many topics to choose from, the videos and blogs are a treasure trove for any avid kitesurfer.

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For a Good Read


Based on the kitesurfing magazine, this free app allows you to read on the go! Produced every couple of months, this free magazine can be accessed through your phone, acquiring the latest news on kitesurfing as easy as a click of a button. Not only can you read up on your favourite sport, but you can also watch videos and discover new techniques with C & K Performance coaches Karine and Christian. The features on equipment, travel and interviews will keep you absorbed for hours no matter what your level is.

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For Forecasting


This app is to access the most up to date weather reports across the world. It covers the wind conditions and acts as a general weather report. It compiles its information from over 50,000 weather bases across the planet. The project originated back in 1987, ensuring the best weather reporting has been their utmost priority for more than three decades. The Wind Alert feature ensures you are notified of the best opportunities for you to get in the sea. Not only this, you have access to news, videos, detailed lists, satellite maps and water temperature reports. Accessible from anywhere on the globe, it is an essential app for any serious kitesurfers out there.

Hopefully, we have given you plenty of helpful apps to get you motivated for your next kitesurf. For some visual inspiration, take a look at our Six Kitesurfing Photographers on Instagram. If you are in need of some new gear before heading to the beach, browse through our twin tip boards for the top selection of boards suitable for every level of kitesurfer.