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What Are the Health Benefits of Paddleboarding?

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What Are the Health Benefits of Paddleboarding?

Here at F-One, we’re passionate about all things paddleboarding and the benefits participating in this sport can bring for individuals. SUP has the rare ability to provide a work out for your entire body whilst enjoying yourself all the while and it’s a sport that can be enjoyed with family and friends, regardless of ability. Despite these many benefits, there still seems to be somewhat of a stigma surrounding the sport, with many suggesting it is difficult, expensive and a lot more effort than it’s worth. We’ll write blog post after blog post until we persuade our fantastic customers that this is not the case with the objective of getting as many people involved as possible! We have created a list of just some of the many health benefits you can make the most of by trying your hand at SUP. 

Contributes Towards Your Balance 

As you might expect, paddleboarding requires a certain level of balance to be able to keep the board steady and stable in the water, particularly during unsettled conditions. This means your core stability and leg strength will be exercised every single session and improved levels of balance tend to help you with balancing other aspects of your life and lead to an increased focus during tasks. You can take this one step further by taking part in SUP Yoga which, as the name might suggest, involves positioning your body into poses that stretch your limbs and encourage flexibility. You can read all about SUP yoga, what it involves and how to get started with our recent blog post, The Ultimate Guide to Yoga SUP.

Stress Relief

The nature of 21st-century living can often be fast-paced, meaning we rarely take a step back to appreciate the simpler things in life and this can have detrimental effects on our mental state. Working out close to water has been proven to increase the effects of exercise, not to mention the therapeutic nature of the sounds as waves or currents gently lap against the board. It may feel like a weight is literally pulled off your shoulders as stress ebbs away whilst out on the board. Any kind of physical activity will release endorphins, providing a short-term burst of happiness that has also been linked to better sleeping patterns, less anxiety and improved mood.

A Fantastic Exercise that Works Your Entire Body

It takes every muscle in your body to manoeuvre an inflatable SUP board, with the mere action of a paddle working your back, core, arms, shoulders, legs and torso, offering one of the best full-body work outs there is. The paddling movement is ideal for building muscle in target areas such as arms and shoulders which are traditionally difficult to grow and this action will make the heart beat faster, cause the blood vessels to open and increase the amount of oxygen approaching the brain. Almost every organ in the body will be positively affected by this exercise and the benefits of the exercise cannot be understated. 

Weight Loss

While those New Year resolution diets are likely to have been given up upon weeks ago, paddleboarding provides a far more manageable approach to losing weight. Studies show that SUP will help to lower your levels of body fat more than any fad diet and what’s more, it’s an exercise that you will actually enjoy, making it less likely for you to give it up within a few weeks. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore and by getting active on the water with friends and family regularly you might even find yourself looking forward to your sessions, making for an exercise routine we can all get on board with.  

Low-Impact by Nature 

As runners, footballers, netballers and other dry land sports men and women can attest, there aren’t many sports that don’t cause issues for you joints at some point or another. SUP joins swimming and cycling in the realms of sports whereby those partaking in the activity do not have to sacrifice the quality of their knees to do so. You are unlikely to experience any sporting or career-ending injuries and paddleboarding is often suggested for those recovering from an injury.

Connect with Nature

Swap the intimidating, mundane inside of a gym for the great outdoors as you explore the large expanses of water in your area – some of which you may never have discovered if not on the hunt for a new SUP spot. Lakes, seas, rivers and canals will often be surrounded by wildlife and provide a quiet spot away from the digital-focused environment we live in to really appreciate the beauty of the world around us. 

That concludes our guide to just some of the many health benefits associated with Stand-Up Paddleboarding. We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the positive effects it can have on your body and mind, and that it’s perhaps inspired you to pick up the paddle and hit the open water yourself! If you have a few lessons or hires and decide that it’s time to invest in some equipment to call your own, don’t hesitate to browse our extensive range of SUP boards and accessories today!