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We cover the standard health and safety guidelines for kiteboarding safety in the water. Discover advise from beach observation to understanding rights of way.

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Fear in the sea is a common feeling and is nothing to feel embarrassed about. When we discuss fear in this article, we are referring to seeing a wave and feeling overwhelmed, not going dangerously out of your comfort zone. If you are hoping to one day conquer Nazaré, this may not be quite the article to help you on your journey! Here at F-One, we believe there are small steps you can take to help build your confidence in the ocean.

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Kitesurfing can be fun and sometimes easier to do alone, but like with many sports, having a buddy can make the experience much better!

From fun to safety, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should have a kitesurfing buddy.

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The recent surge of popularity in everything SUP has led to hundreds of inexperienced beginners hitting the water all over the UK. Here at F-One, we couldn’t be happier that such a fantastic sport is finally getting the credit it deserves, however, this recent influx has further highlighted the relatively unmentioned safety concerns that surrounds the sport. As with any water-based activity, there are various considerations that boarders of all abilities will need to take into account, particularly as factors such as conditions and the actions of other watercraft remain out of our control. Staying safe is straight-forward and ensures...

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