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We all love a family walk at the weekends, but what if we could amp our family time up a bit for a more exciting sport? Why not swap the rolling hills for the beautiful big blue ocean and start paddleboarding? Not only is it an opportunity to bond as a family and spend time together, but it is also the perfect chance to explore the UK’s stunning coastline and create some amazing memories while exploring the great outdoors.Here at F-ONE, we believe watersports are the perfect way to spend time together as a family, just take a look at...

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North Wales and Snowdonia are the ultimate destinations for those who love stand up paddleboarding. Discover where to go for the best lakes, beaches and lessons!

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Paddleboarding enthusiasts around the country may find themselves driving for an hour or more to reach the coastline in search of a SUP’ing spot. However, those in Cornwall are truly spoiled for choice, with over 400 miles of stunning coastline, all within a short distance of the towns and villages in the county.

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The origins of stand up paddleboarding are not clearly defined. The sport bears a resemblance to a variety of activities throughout the history of the world. It has drawn a significant amount of interest in more recent times, gaining in popularity during the start of the 2000s.

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One thing that makes watersports so exciting is its continual evolution, allowing for new and exciting practices. Thanks to some bright ideas and smart science, foiling technology is quickly allowing boarders from various disciplines to take to the skies.

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