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Here at F-One, we’re passionate about all things paddleboarding and the benefits participating in this sport can bring for individuals. SUP has the rare ability to provide a work out for your entire body whilst enjoying yourself all the while and it’s a sport that can be enjoyed with family and friends, regardless of ability. Despite these many benefits, there still seems to be somewhat of a stigma surrounding the sport, with many suggesting it is difficult, expensive and a lot more effort than it’s worth. We’ll write blog post after blog post until we persuade our fantastic customers that...

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Like many other physical pursuits, paddleboarding requires a certain level of fitness. As such, whether you are a keen first-timer or a professional paddler, ensuring that your body is physically prepared for paddleboarding will not only help you to master it quicker but will also make for a far more enjoyable experience overall once you are out on the water. Below, we have listed some of the best exercises to do to help you get in shape for this popular watersport:

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Kitesurfing fitness is an important consideration for every rider, no matter their level.

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