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Six Kitesurfing Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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Six Kitesurfing Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Nothing makes you want to jump in the water more than seeing kitesurfing in action. Capturing the rider in their element, skilled photography is praised in the world of kitesurfing. Snapshots of the action never fail to engross an observer. We have selected the fiercest kitesurfing photographers for you to marvel at on social media.

Andre Magarao


If you want to see pure energy popping out from the page, Andre Magarao is your photographer. A keen eye for action, not only does he capture shots from kitesurfing, but also has work published for BMXing, skateboarding and wakeboarding. He admits that being on a kitesurf shoot is his favoured kind of work, especially if its in Brazil.

His first experience of shooting a kitesurfer was with Reno Romeu. Magarao describes Romeu as his ‘guinea pig’ and great support in determining what could be achieved in kitesurf photography. Growing up in the vibrant environment of Rio de Janerio, he was surrounded by sport and bright settings from an early age. His attraction to this vivacity can be seen in his work.

Seth Warren


Seth Warren is a truly fascinating photographer. A man of many talents, he is also an award-winning director and producer. He is well celebrated for his attempt to travel from the Archipelagos of Mozambique to Kenya via a SUP-assisted kiteboard. Unfortunately, a spider bite cut this particular journey short.

Not only does Warren capture the action of a kitesurf, but he is also intent on recording the whole journey of the trip. Warren’s photography is known for absorbing the surrounding culture of his travels, creating a beautiful background story to anything he shoots. His Instagram is home to a variety of photography encompassing the journey of kitesurfing from start to finish, making his page incredibly thought-provoking.

A kitesurfer on a boat

Ydwer van der Heide


Born in Holland, Ydwer van der Heide has a distinctive photography style that you can't ignore. He characteristically uses intense lighting with unique angles and creates photos with an edgy style favoured by many boardriders. Bas Koole is one of his much-loved boardriders to capture in action. His identifiable work is prevalent in most kitesurf magazines and published by major companies. Mystic, Naish, Airbrush and Cabrinha are just a few more to name! His talent lies in the ability to emphasise the movement of the rider, while composing the background as complimentary as possible, all in one spectacular shot.

A kitesurfer on a sunny day

Svetlana Romantsova


Now onto female photographer, Svetlana Romantsova. An impressive accomplishment doesn't begin to describe her achievement as the VKWC official photographer. Not only this, she has worked on the GKA Freestyle World Tour and is used for shoots by boardriders such as Caterina Stenta and Paula Novotna. She must be doing something right to be praised by so many individuals from the kitesurf industry. Similar to Seth Warren, being on tour is about all aspects for Romantsova. Her Instagram is full of memories from the whole travel expedition, offering photos of kitesurfing, people and places!

A kitesurfer with a blue kite on an ocean

Vincent Bergeron


Vincent Bergeron is a hugely praised and respected photographer in the kitesurfing world. His incredibly high standard produces some of the best photos in the industry. Not only is he a talented photographer, but he is also a dedicated cameraman and film editor. He is responsible for the cool style allocated to the Goodbye Hello film and did the camera work and editing for Duotone En La Playa. A very recent work, this film was released at the end of May this year.

His Instagram offers little snapshots into his incredibly hard work and needs to be followed to keep up to date with his expansive work portfolio. Known for pushing the professionals to their limits, Bergeron is not shy of expressing what he requires from a boardrider during a shoot!

Toby Bromwich


This guy is a truly dedicated photographer, but he doesn't use Instagram as a way to show off his work. Instead, his account offers an insight into his laidback view of social media. Bromwich feels that Instagram isn't a proper environment for him to publish his work but more a fun place that flickers his personal life. Brimming with snaps of his beloved mountain bikes, friends and a few complimentary mentions of cover shoots, the account is an upbeat place to be! To see some of his professional work, he recently photographed on the film Duotone En La Playa, alongside Vincent Bergeron.

A kitesurfer at sea

Whether we have encouraged you to jump in the water, or pick up the camera, we hope you go away with some inspiration! Eager to get in the sea, but not happy with your current board? Take a look at our twin tip boards for some motivation! For information on locations, read our blog The Best Places to Kitesurf Across the UK for the best spots.