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A Seasonal Guide to When and Where to Kitesurf - Part Two

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A Seasonal Guide to When and Where to Kitesurf - Part Two

Kitesurfing is fast becoming one of the most popular watersports across the globe with thousands of riders heading to different locations around the world to enjoy some top wave and wind action. In the first half of our seasonal guide to when and where to kitesurf, we shared our favourite destinations for a winter or spring getaway. Today, we’re taking a look at several popular holiday hotspots for a summer or autumn break on the waves:

Summer (June – September)

For UK kitesurfers, summer is the best time to stay at home and enjoy some of Britain’s best kitesurfing spots including those near LondonLiverpool and Plymouth. However, for many water sports fans, jetting off to a more tropical holiday destination is also a popular option, especially with summer being the prime time in several locations around the world to enjoy some excellent waves:

A man riding an F-One kiteboard near a boat while touching white sand.

ABC Islands (Aruba)

Although wind season in the ABC Islands – which include Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao – extends from January to September, it hits its peak in the summer months, which bring predominantly light and warm winds. However, although few and far between, there are days when wind speeds reach 25+ knots, so don’t rule out some blustery bouts during your stay. With crystal clear waters and superb nightlife, this is the ultimate hotspot for kitesurfers looking to enjoy a memorable summer holiday. But be warned as being such a premier destination, a trip to Aruba is not cheap!


A place after our own heart here at F-One, Madagascar really does have it all, from shimmering azure waters and idyllic beaches to wonderfully warm weather and plenty of wildlife. From April to October, kiters can take advantage of the strong winds and warm water temperatures, which, would you believe, often reach highs of 28˚C!


With just a four-hour flight time from Europe, those looking for a reasonably accessible location to embark on a summer kitesurfing trip should head to Egypt. With consistent wind conditions ranging from moderate to strong along with a mixture of flat water, small waves and sheltered lagoons, kitesurfers of all abilities will relish a stay on the Egyptian coast. Learn the ropes of this exciting water sport in the most exquisite surroundings or practice freestyling to your heart’s content!

Autumn (September to December)

While there is still some September sun on the horizon during early autumn here in the UK, the chillier weather soon returns, and the days begin to grow shorter and darker. Consequently, many riders opt for an autumn break away abroad to some of our favourite destinations below:

An F-One rider performing a trick in the sunshine.


Northern Brazil, in particular, is a kitesurfing paradise, with several locations including Cumbuco, Jericoacoara and Taiba being some of the best in the world. With a long wind season from June to January, Brazil is frequented to kite surfers from all walks of life ranging from first-time newbies to experienced professionals. However, riders should be aware that the further north you go, the stronger the winds you expect to find!


With around 300 windy days every year, kiters visiting Peru are sure to enjoy some serious shredding, whatever season you visit. However, wind season in South Peru hits its peak from September to April, making the autumn or spring prime times to visit for those who want to escape the colder weather in the UK. Paracas, in the south, is a renowned kitesurfing spot that offers a flat-water lagoon in a sheltered bay, making it ideal for beginners and freestylers.


Unlike several of the other locations featured in our guide, Namibia is not your typical kitesurfing holiday destination, with many of the country’s wave spots being well off the beaten track and only accessible via a 4x4. As such, if you’re an adventurous rider with a taste for tranquil beaches and few crowds, this is the place for you. However, while the air is warm, the water temperature is chillier ranging from 13˚C – 18˚C, so don’t forget your wetsuit!

That concludes the second instalment of our seasonal guide to when and where to kitesurf – visit our blog to read part one! Alternatively, if you’re heading to any of these exciting destinations and would like some advice on what gear to take with you, why not contact one of the F-One team today? With an extensive range of kitesurfing kites, bars and other essential kitesurfing equipment, we have everything you‘ll need for a great trip away.