F-One Rider Interview: Connor Bainbridge

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F-One Rider Interview: Connor Bainbridge

Here at F-One, we are fortunate enough to be able to work with some of the most exciting talents in the world of water sports! These people are continuously taking our sports to new heights, and we work hard to support them with the best equipment possible.

In our latest interview, we talked to Connor Bainbridge, the UK-born kitesurfer already making waves at this early stage of his professional career! We speak to him about his early inspirations, favourite moments and his chosen F-One gear!

How and at what age did you get into kitesurfing? Can you plot your obsession with the sport up to now?

I started kitesurfing when windsurfing was kicked out of the Olympics in 2012 at that point I learnt how to kite and got straight into the racing scene. After the change got reverted I continued my windsurfing career until 2014 where the more versatile sport of kitesurfing made me retire my windsurf board.

What other watersports (or sports in general) do you enjoy?

I have always had a passion for windsurfing and more recently have become addicted to the growing discipline if windfoiling

Throughout your time on the water, how have you seen the watersports landscape change? Are more people looking to try different disciplines than before?

I think that there is now a sport that fits every condition whether it is flat calm or huge waves and 30 knots there is a discipline or sport that best suits those conditions for you to have the most fun! What is great about F-one is they do it all!

An F-One kitesurfing board with foil

What are the most exciting locations kitesurfing has taken you?

Mexico is one of my all-time favourite spots for kitefoiling the Baja coastline has so much to offer! But I am always drawn to the amazing foiling culture in San Francisco.

What is your favourite kitesurfing memory or moment that you can share with F-One?

Standing on the 2019 World championships Podium in 3rd place was a seriously special moment for me this year and something I have worked towards for many years!

What kites and boards do you use, and just how important is your equipment?

I use the Diablo V4s for my racing. But have a set of Halos and a Slice 5’3 for when I need some time off!

A kitesurfer using the F-One Diablo V4 kite

How do you like to unwind between competitions and runs?

Mainly I go either kitesurfing on my surfboard and Halo or go windsurfing to unwind but stay on the water!

What does kitesurfing mean to you on a personal level?

It is my whole life it has opened the world to amazing places and amazing people!

What would you say to someone interested in taking-up kitesurfing for the first time?

Go for it! It has so many avenues and is so easy to travel with that you see places you would never have seen without the sport!

An F-One kitesurfer in Madagascar

Here at F-One, we love helping riders like Connor take their game to the next level. However, we also take immense pride in supporting new kitesurfers to make their first steps in this exciting discipline! If you are interested in joining the fun, check out our range of kitesurfing boards and everything else you need to get started!