Why Kitesurfing is the Perfect Family Activity

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Why Kitesurfing is the Perfect Family Activity

Kitesurfing is one of the biggest water sports in the UK and is the perfect way to get out and enjoy our country’s unpredictable weather! Whether it’s rain or shine, there are hours of fun to be had on the waves so long as we have a fair wind behind us.

Kitesurfing is a fast and exciting sport. However, with the right training, it is also the perfect activity to get young adrenaline seekers into the big waves!

If you are an avid kitesurfer and are considering getting your children involved, check out our list of reasons why kitesurfing is the perfect family activity!

You Can Start Them Young!

In general, as long as a responsible and experienced adult accompanies children, the minimum age to introduce a child to kitesurfing will depend on them individually.

It will vary on their abilities and the approval of the parents. Here at F-One, we believe there isn’t really an age minimum as it is a subjective decision.

If children are confident swimmers and are comfortable being in water, the introduction of kitesurfing, in theory, should be easier. However, each child is different and learning to kitesurf will vary according to individuals.

For more information, take a look at our blog on what age do you need to be for kitesurfing which can provide further details about introducing the youngest members of the family to the sport!

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Kitesurfing is Challenging (But in a Good Way!)

Kitesurfing is a sport that takes time and patience but rewards you with thrills beyond comparison.

While younger children may be excited by the thought of gliding across the water, through the process of learning they will develop patience and respect for the sport, traits that will stand them in good stead as they grow up!

The Uniqueness of Kitesurfing is Motivational

In our hectic adult lives, many of us struggle to find as much time to exercise as we had hoped. That’s because we sometimes find it hard to motivate ourselves to go to the gym or start running. This also has the knock-on effect of making it harder to motivate younger ones.

Much like spending time outside, getting active simply needs the right motivation. A sport like kitesurfing will get you and your children excited about being active, which will make enjoying a healthy life much easier!

When kitesurfing grabs you, it’s hard to shake off. It’s an addictive, engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable sport that you and your family will want to explore to its fullest!

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Kitesurfing Can Positively Shape Your Child’s Future

Parenting is one of the most rewarding tasks there is. Getting to see your children grow up, learning essential traits that will shape them as teenagers and then adults, is one of life’s special moments.

What they do at a young age affects their attitudes when they get older, which is why we allow them to explore their hobbies and discover their interests. Many active families like to put their children into local sports clubs, but kitesurfing is also a great way to help develop their traits.

Not only is it a unique sport for them to try and perhaps continue into adulthood, it will also create special family memories that will stay with them throughout their life.

Kitesurfing Embraces the Great Outdoors

We all know that in the modern age it can be hard to spend time away from the screens and technologies that have become so ingrained in our lives.

While it is healthy for adults to spend time switched off from the stresses of modern life, it is vital that children are wrestled away (although not literally) from their screens and given time to enjoy the outside world.

It can be sometimes hard to convince children to turn away from their consoles. However, an adrenaline-fuelled hobby that they can enjoy time and time again will make the task much easier.

Getting the whole family into kitesurfing gives young children something they can practice and enjoy, while also creating opportunities for everyone to leave the stresses of daily life behind.

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It Offers Families Exciting Opportunities to Travel!

Kitesurfing road trips are the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family, enjoying new locations while pursuing the sport you all love. This activity can take you anywhere, from kitesurfing in Cornwall to weekend kitesurfing getaways in Europe and around the world!

While kitesurfing can seem quite daunting at first, with patience and training, you and your family can experience the thrill of the wind and the waves together!

If you have any tips or stories about your family kitesurfing experiences, we would love to hear them! Why not contact us on our social media channels?

Here at F-One, we stock all the equipment you’ll need, from kites and accessories to twin tip boards and manera wetsuits. Whether you’re looking for the next big thing or some advice to get you started, we’ll be happy to help you!