9 Kitesurfing Beaches in the UK

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9 Kitesurfing Beaches in the UK

Even though the weather is temperamental, the UK has some great hotspots for kitesurfing. Whether you are new to the sport and want to know where to go or you are a pro and want to try somewhere new, here are some destinations to explore.

North England

Marine Beach, Lancashire

This beach has an extensive range of conditions for kitesurfing, so there is something for everyone. An incoming tide provides flat water riding which is perfect for beginners and freestylers. Then at high tides, if the wind is robust, wave riders can get kicks on some big waves! Do be aware though that Marine Beach has quite a strong tidal pull on an incoming tide, with the occasional breakwater. But on the whole, the beach is clear from hazards and a perfect destination for kitesurfing!

Fraisthorpe Beach, Yorkshire

If you desire a slightly quieter beach, Fraisthorpe offers just that! It does have a small campsite nearby, and you’ll often find a few people about, but apart from that, it is somewhat secluded. The more easterly winds are usually the cleanest and if you walk about 100 metres towards Bridlington, there is often enough room to launch and land even at high tide. A hazard to be aware of are the WW2 bunkers; directly in front of them are some sharp obstacles which can be hard to see as high tide comes in. If you stay up towards the Bridlington end, you’ll be okay. 

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South England 

Perranporth and Perran Sands, Cornwall 

This beach is a brilliant spot for kitesurfing, featuring three miles of flat golden sands and clear waters. Perranporth has two kiting zones, the town end at the south of the beach, and Perran Sands at the north end. On the days with high tides, twin tip riders will find some excellent flat sections of water. Please note that it is advised to avoid kiting three hours either side of high tide as there isn't much room to launch or land. The Perran Sands end tends to be more favourable for the riders as waves don't close out as quickly. Also, be aware of updrafts near the sandbanks at the Perran Sands end.

Kite Beach Hayling Island, Portsmouth 

At Hayling Island, you will find a beach dedicated purely to kitesurfing! When the tide is low, the water is flat and around waist deep, which is perfect for beginners as well as freestyle/wake style tricks. At high tide, the beach is steep and can have a substantial shore break. There is parking right in front of the beach, and there are useful BKSA Code of Conducts signs situated around the area. You will also find a kite shop and kite schools nearby. 

North Wales 

Dinas Dinlle, Gwynedd

In Gwynedd, this sandy beach has clean waves with reasonable intervals, which is perfect for wave riding or working some tricks. Any tide will be awesome down at Dinas Dinnlle but be aware that at high tide, you will need to launch/land on the grass verge or the small pebble beach. This beach is pretty much hazard free so get your kitesurfing boards and head down there!

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Kinmel Bay, Rhyl

Next to the town of Rhyl, Kinmel Beach is an excellent spot for newbies as the water is often flat and there is also a kite school! With the water being relatively calm, this makes it a brilliant place for some freestyle/wake style moves. Be aware that high tide leaves no room for launching or landing, so ensure you leave at least an hour either side before taking to the water! You will require a permit to ride here, or you can pay £10 for the day. Kinmel Bay is a popular beach for kite surfers, so you will find a helping hand if you need it.

South Wales

Aberavon, Port Talbot

Aberavon is a vast, sandy beach backed by dunes and is arguably the most popular kite beach in South Wales! The beach is two miles long, but kitesurfers must stick to the dedicated kite zone; this is in front of the sand dunes. This beach is a favourite tourist spot in the summer months, so be on the lookout for kids and dogs!

Newgale Sands, Pembrokeshire

Situated in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, this two-mile-long beach offers hard sand that is perfect for kitesurfing. You can expect some waves as the beach is open to the Atlantic. In between the waves, where you can find the flat water, creates a seamless smooth run for first-timers. The waves are a suitable break-in for the newbies, though, and can get them used to kitesurfing in various conditions. A shingle bank backs the beach, so it isn’t recommended to kitesurf during high tides. Also, be aware that there is no kiting in the lifeguarded bathing areas and no buggies/land boards between the blue flags during July and August.

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Troon South Beach, Ayrshire

Just fifteen minutes from Europe’s biggest wind farm, this beach is a fantastic kitesurfing location! South Beach offers proper protection from waves, therefore creating flatter water. These conditions make it an excellent spot for beginners, but it is also great for those who want to play around with some tricks. Generally, the waves tend to be most significant at high water and steepest at low water. The beach provides a lot of space, and there are always plenty of kite surfers down there to help with launching and landing. Some things to be aware of are the rocks on the beach but also the reef that runs about 150 metres out. The reef isn’t an issue unless the tide is low, so be mindful of that.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to get out onto the waves with your kitesurfing board! No matter where you are in the UK, you can be sure to find a beach perfect for kitesurfing. If you are wanting to try kitesurfing but don’t know where to start, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Kitesurfing and learn everything you need to know about the sport!