Intro to the Surf Wing

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Intro to the Surf Wing

As far as we’re concerned, there’s not much in the world more exciting than getting our boards and riding the waves! Whether it’s kite, wake or SUP, we’re continually looking for ways to experience adrenaline-pumping thrills across the water. However, there is one particular accessory that has got much of the water sports world talking.

Surf wings are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the water sports scene. With appeals to both beginners and experts, this little piece of kit is opening up a potential new discipline to explore!

What is a Surf Wing?

As the name suggests, the surf wing, at its simplest level, is an inflatable kite/sail in the shape of a wing. However, it differs from a traditional kitesurfing kite or sail in several ways. The critical difference is that surf wings are designed to be handheld, as opposed to being launched in the air and held via lines or rigged with a mast and boom.

While kitesurfing kites have a curved shape, surf wings are flatter, with a more aerodynamic design. The handheld variant is also smaller and lighter than its airborne counterpart.

What Can I Ride the Wing With?

As the name suggests, the wing is designed for use alongside foiled boards. The light nature of the wing further heightens the feeling of gliding along the water, while it can also help achieve incredible speeds when used effectively!

In terms of boards, the surf wing will work with most and accompanies a range of disciplines. It is most suited to working with long SUP boards, although inflatable versions can experience issues going upwind. Lighter boards help when it comes to moving at speed with a surf wing.

A surf rider on a wave with an F-One Swing

Why Should I Try the Surf Wing?

It’s no surprise that people are excited about this addition to the water sports world, as there are so many positives! One of the big things about surf wings is that they are the ideal choice for beginners. Compared to traditional kitesurfing kites, surf wings are incredibly easy to handle when out on the waves and can work in much slower winds. Turning the wing into or out of the wind creates and reduces speed, reducing the chance of the user losing control. Surf wings are also convenient to carry, as they are smaller and don’t come with as many extras, such as lines that can get knotted in transit.

However, surf wings also have something to offer veteran surfers! By working at lighter wind speeds, this accessory can unlock new surfing and foiling locations where larger kites do not work or are restricted. As different techniques are needed to operate it, the thrill of learning something all over again is here in abundance. The added level of safety available can also inspire avid surfers to try new things, knowing that they have more control over the speed of their board.

What Surf Wing Should I Try?

The primary difference between surf wings is often their size, and the best choice can vary on a range of preferences. Bigger wings can be harder to manoeuvre, but they work at lower winds, which can be a huge benefit depending on where you surf. At the other end of the spectrum, smaller wings are lighter, which can benefit younger learners.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that surf wings are becoming increasingly popular due to their adaptability. No matter what size you choose, you are getting a piece of kit that performs in a range of conditions with ease and simplicity, especially when compared to kites and sails.

Surf riders on the water using the F-One Swing

Discover the F-One Swing

Here at F-One, we have been selling the best kitesurfing equipment in the UK for over twenty years! Our Swing Surf Wing is designed for easy use and control, while also producing high speeds! The lightweight TECHNOFORCE fabric and Reactor Valve technology help to make our surf wing the best on the market. We hope to see you riding these kites on the waves soon!