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How to Take Care of Your Inflatable SUP Board

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How to Take Care of Your Inflatable SUP Board

As many of you will know, an inflatable SUP board is quite an investment and not something you purchase every day. When splashing out on a vital piece of equipment like this from quality suppliers like us here at F-One Kites, it is important to take as much care as possible before and after using your paddleboard to help you make the most of your purchase and make it last as long as possible. To ensure you don’t have to reinvest in a new one prematurely, here are some of our top tips to help you care for your inflatable SUP board:

Keep Your Board Out of Direct Sunlight

When the sun is shining, and the weather is warm, there’s nothing better than getting out on the water for a good SUP session. However, while it is perfectly fine to SUP in the sun, leaving your paddleboard in direct sunlight when it is not in use is a definite no-no for several reasons.

Not only can the heat from the sun cause discolouration, but it can also cause the board pressure to increase which could lead it to popping as a result of overheating. Similarly, overexposure to sunshine can cause solid SUP boards to blister and crack, a process known as delamination. This a particular risk if your board is made from fibreglass as it will cause the material to bubble up and separate from the board.

As such, whatever material your SUP board is made of, it is always best to store it away from the sunlight in the shade when you are not using it during a paddling session. If there is no shade available, we recommend dipping your inflatable SUP board in and out of the water regularly to cool it down and stop the air pressure rising. When at home, deflate your board and store it in a dry but dark place. Those with a solid board can use a board bag for extra protection to stop it from chipping.

Protect Your Board’s Material

A great way to keep your inflatable SUP board in good shape is to use a protection spray to keep the material as clean and durable as possible. A 303-protectant spray will do the job nicely and can be purchased from most water sports retailers.

Once purchased, simply spray your paddleboard entirely with the protectant and leave it to dry, wiping off any excess spray to ensure you don’t slip when getting back on.

Not only will a 303-protectant spray help to strengthen the skin of your inflatable SUP board, but it will also shield it from powerful UV rays that could cause discolouration or further damage.

Always Dry Off Your Board

Whether you own an inflatable or solid SUP board, hosing it down and drying off your paddleboard after you have finished using it is essential to ensure it remains in good condition and can be used for as long as possible. If left damp, this can cause mildew or mould to grow on the material of inflatable SUP boards while salt, bacteria or microorganisms will eat into solid paddleboards if left unrinsed.

Don’t Drag Your Board

While inflatable SUP boards are some of the most durable around, a little extra care can go a long way in making them last as long as possible. Consequently, one of the easiest ways to take care of your paddleboard is to treat it with respect by not dragging it along the ground when you are carrying it to and from the water. Lifting it fully above the ground will not only help to keep it clean but will also ensure that it is not at risk of being punctured or scratched from any debris, rocks or sharp objects below.

By following these tips, not only will you be able to care for your inflatable SUP board as much as possible but by maintaining it properly, you will also be able to enjoy using it for longer! Whether you’re a beginner in search of your first SUP (stand up paddle) board or are an experienced pro looking to treat yourself to a new model, at F-One Kites, we have a unique range of inflatable SUP boards and equipment that is sure to suit your needs. Why not have a browse today?