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Six European Kitesurfing Spots for a Weekend Getaway

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Six European Kitesurfing Spots for a Weekend Getaway

For many of us, the opportunities to enjoy a kitesurfing session during the busy working week are often few and far between. A weekend getaway, however, is the perfect way to practise your skills and explore a range of new and exciting kitesurfing hotspots, not just at home but across the whole of Europe too! Whether it’s a weekend in the Canaries or a trip to Hayling Island, here are just six of the best European kitesurfing spots for a weekend getaway: 

The Canary Islands - Fuerteventura

Reachable in around three or four hours by plane, the Canary Islands is the perfect place to escape to for a weekend on the waves. Not only are these volcanic islands some of the most beautiful in the world, but they are also home to a wide range of wind conditions, some of which enable kitesurfing at top speed and, consequently, some fantastic freestyling! 

One of the Canaries most popular islands, Fuerteventura, translates in English as “strong wind”; once you’re on the peninsula, it’s not difficult to see why. Being an island, not only can the wind be caught from various directions, but the travel time on land from the north coast to the south is minimal, meaning you can zip from one end to the other to quite literally chase the wind!

Wherever you go in this tropical haven, kitesurfers of all abilities are sure to be catered for in the Canaries as the result of the sport’s long-standing tradition here. As well as instruction, equipment and guidance, a lot of the kitesurfing schools also offer support boats, providing you with the opportunity to ride safely in various winds as the result of being away from the coast and as such, less vulnerable to shore wind.

Cape Verde – Boa Vista/Sal

Neighbouring the Canaries, Cape Verde is also another idyllic group of islands found just off the West African coast that boast some of the best conditions worldwide for kitesurfing, in particular the islands of Boa Vista and Sal. If you’re new to the watersport and are wanting to practise your skills, the calm waters and clean side onshore wind at Kite Beach in Boa Vista will ensure you can take your time and are not faced with challenging waves during your short but sweet stay. Those who are a little more adept should head to Ponta Preta on the island of Sal where the wind is testing, and the waves are plenty.

Morocco - Dakhla

With just a three-and-a-half-hour flight time, Morocco is another excellent place to head to for a weekend of kitesurfing. While there are a few prime spots along the Moroccan coast, Dakhla undoubtedly offers the best and most varied conditions, catering for kitesurfers of all levels. Here, a stunningly blue 45-kilometre lagoon can be found tucked away behind the Dakhla peninsula, where both budding newbies and experienced professionals can bask in the sunshine while catching some great waves. If you’re lucky enough, you might even catch a glimpse of some dolphins too!


Spain - Tarifa

Often referred to as ‘Europe’s kitesurfing capital’, Tarifa in Spain offers fantastic kitesurfing conditions all year round, with over 300 days of wind and sun to enjoy. Any kitesurfers holidaying here are guaranteed great winds as a result of the natural tunnel linking the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea, also known as the Strait of Gibraltar. Other top spots in the area include the beautiful beaches at Canos de Meca and El Palmar; however, these are best to visit after the summer season as they can quickly become overcrowded and hectic, leaving little room for kitesurfers.


France – Lacanau/Leucate

France is one of the most accessible destinations for UK kitesurfers looking to enjoy a weekend away and boasts several great locations along its extensive coastline. However, two of the most renowned spots in this popular destination are Lacanau, west of Bordeaux, and Leucate on the spectacular French Riviera. With versatile conditions and pleasantly warm waters during the summer months, Lacanau is a place where kitesurfers, both amateur and experienced, can relish riding the waves together. Leucate offers similar conditions; however, the light-cross shore winds make this a particularly good spot for learners. Those holidaying here in April can also attend the famous Mondial du Vent, one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious kitesurfing events.


The UK - Hayling Island

Finally, for those opting to stay in the cool UK waters, Hayling Island is a popular choice for a weekend break. One of the best places to kitesurf near London, this thriving location is a great place to visit after a long week at work and relish some well-earned time out on the waves, alongside many other watersports enthusiasts. Awarded a European Blue Flag for its stunning shoreline, Hayling Island may not be the most exotic of kitesurfing hotspots, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best in Europe and, even better, it’s right on our doorstep!


Do you have any other European locations you can recommend to others for a weekend on the waves? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out on our social media channels today and share your advice, tips and pictures with us. Otherwise, browse our fantastic range of kitesurfing equipment online now to ensure you have everything you’ll need for your wet and wild getaway!