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Bosowski Wins 2018 Baltic Kite Wave Jam

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Bosowski Wins 2018 Baltic Kite Wave Jam

For some kitesurfers, the winter weather may be a little too brisk for a session out on the waves. But at the end of last month, the chilly conditions didn’t stop polish kitesurfer Marek Bosowski, who proudly took the win at the 2018 Baltic Kite Wave Jam in Wladyslawowo, Poland.

Bosowski was one of the 32 competitors who took part in this one-day kitesurfing event who were faced with some of the toughest and most extreme riding conditions, with 40 knots of wind and five-meter waves to contend with.

As a selection of kites ranging from three to five meters was launched into the blustery air, contestants fought hard and fast with the ferocious wind and waves for as long as possible, at points, facing gusts of around 60 knots. While some of the lighter kitesurfers struggled to take control, others were able to stay on their boards and ride out the storm, exhibiting some fantastic boost and freestyling as they did so.

Notwithstanding the fierce conditions, several competitors managed to acclimatise to the swirls and demonstrated a highly skilled level of control while riding the rough waters, eventually reaching the final heats of the competition. However, despite their best efforts, it was Bosowski who took gold in the form on the event’s glistening trophy and earned himself the unofficial title of Polish kitesurfing champion. Coming close second was Rafal Klonowski, followed by Mariusz Kraszewski in third.

While many other popular events hot on the kitesurfing calendar such as the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational, IKA KiteFoil GoldCup and Kite Masters World Tour take place in the warmer summer months, the Baltic Kite Wave Jam certainly was Baltic. Icy winds and freezing water temperatures not only make it one of the toughest kitesurfing competitions to compete in but also, the hardest ever run in Poland. Check out the video below to see the contestants in action!

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