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The Best Twin Tip Kiteboards

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The Best Twin Tip Kiteboards

You will be spoilt for choice with our selection of twin tip boards. Whether you prefer to cruise in the water as a freerider, want to test your skills in energetic wakestyle or simply long to feel steady and supported as a new rider, our F-One twin tip boards have you covered!

Trax HRD Carbon

Board Highlights

The biggest draw of the Trax HRD Carbon is its unique HRD Rail which runs throughout the board. The varied structure of the rail through its three individual sections supplies a combination of grip, stability, comfort and precision. All elements come together to enhance the performance aspect of the board, making it super responsive.

Who Is It For?

Structured with carbon fibre, this board is excellent for withstanding the pressure of a beginner as well as being durable enough to whip around for more experienced freeriders.

Just starting out? Get a head start and read up on basic kitesurfing safety!

Why We Like It?

Majorly popular because if its versatility in the water, it is adaptable in many water conditions. Furthermore, a range of abilities and skilled riders can use the board.

Its concave design makes riding comfortable in the water, especially when absorbing the impact of choppier waters.

Meanwhile, the 3D deck structure embedded in the board allows you to maintain the perfect level of flex.

Kitesurfer in the distance in the air on a Trax HRD Lite Tech board.

Trax HRD Lite Tech & Trax HRD Lite Tech Girl

Board Highlights

Similarly structured to the Trax HRD Carbon, this board features the same HRD Rail Technology. However, the board is enhanced in its aesthetics by the Lite Tech features which are exclusive to F-One.

Created by Rossignol Snowboards, the sleek design achieved by the use of TPU allows light to pass through the board.

Who Is It For?

Our most photogenic board, this one is for those who want to look their ultimate best in the water.

Why We Like It?

The TRAX is favoured by many because you can use it in a range of riding conditions. Offering a smooth ride on flat water and stability in the uncertainty of a choppier water surface, the Trax Lite Tech is the one for everyone.

If you are new to kitesurfing or a champion of freestyle, this will make sure to give you a comfortable experience!

Guy turning and splashing water on WTF!? Board.


Board Highlights

Modelled with a unique rocker line, the flatter section in the middle increases in curve towards the end of the board. This design ensures you are ready to pop into higher tricks while allowing a stable landing.

WTF?! & WTF?!GIRL is designed with Lifted Tip Channels which give the board unique grip to make the pop extra efficient when applied.

Who Is It For?

WTF?! & WTF?!GIRL are for those serious boarders who want to take their kitesurfing to the next level. This board has been designed to be used by the fast and furious, in true competition style.

Why We Like It?

We refer to this one as ‘The Freestyle Weapon’. Not only does this board cruise in the water, but it also flies with just as much ease.

Not only bound to the water but also the air, WTF?! is the natural choice for those who are intent on having an energetic session.

Available in a range of colourways to attract all tastes, WTF & WTF?!GIRL have been created with greatness in mind. With such high expectations, this board provides the ultimate platform for pop and speed while maintaining control.


Board Highlights

The straight rocker of the ONE board means it holds its own when upwind and is great for early planning when you are riding.

The Abs Inverted Rail stabilises the board. Through this, the board can gradually enter into the water and stay in contact with the sea.

The steadiness of the ONE board is enhanced by reliable UNIBOX fin system and RESPONSE fins, which also offer the perfect flex for more significant freestyle landings.

Who Is It For?

ONE is 100% for freeriders who need durability when testing out and developing their abilities on the water.

Why We Like It?

The rounded tips of the ONE board make it a fantastic choice for an all-round board.

Designed to withstand impact, the comfort of the board really makes it stand out from the rest. Easy to control, you don’t have to exert your energy into trying to tame it.

ONE provides the ultimate stability for freeriders as well as offering high levels of durability, so you don’t need to be afraid to give your kitesurfing sessions all you’ve got, time and time again.


Board Highlights

The BIG ONE is F-One’s newest twin tip board. The distinctive shape of this boldly-designed board is enough to get you hooked. The parabolic ends give it the edge to move intuitively. The smooth transition of movement gives control even in the messier conditions of the surf.

Complete with a deep double concave at the bottom of the board, you can expect some of the smoothest rides of your life no matter the weather.

Who Is It For?

BIG ONE is spot on for accessibility. It is steady and supportive so great for those who are just starting out but also the perfect companion for the more experienced freeriders who want to cruise around.

Why We Like It?

Slightly longer than the expected kiteboard, the ONE is perfect for edging control

The BIG ONE enters the plane at a low speed, offering a steady and secure foundation for the rider. With stability taken care of, the rider is able to develop their kite handling skills instead of focusing on their legs.

Hopefully, you have enough information to know which board you need to progress to the next level. Need some more guidance? We would love to talk to you. Contact us through our social media channels!

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