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The Best Places to Kitesurf in Cornwall

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The Best Places to Kitesurf in Cornwall

Nestled in the south-west of the UK, Cornwall is renowned for its beautiful beaches, tasty pasties and pumping waves. The county is bordered only by local rival, Devon, and is otherwise surrounded by the sea, providing a plethora of opportunities to engage in any number of water sports, including kitesurfing. The sport is becoming increasingly popular here, and there are some fantastic spots to launch. Whether you’re planning your summer staycation and are looking for the odd afternoon out on the water or you’re looking for somewhere in the UK for a kitesurfing for beginners course, we’ve created a list of some of the best places to kitesurf in Cornwall:

St Ives

A famous beach for both the three-mile stretch of golden sands and the upmarket restaurants that are located there, you can kitesurf at St Ives whatever the weather. This part of West Cornwall is one of the best spots for kitesurfing in the UK. The north and south coast are separated by just a fifteen-minute drive, meaning you can select a beach in accordance with the conditions.

The southern end of this beach is home to a fantastic flat-water spot. For those looking for more challenging conditions, the beach is known to get some pretty big swells throughout the year. There are various kitesurfing schools and rental shops operating in the area, making it ideal for absolute beginners.

A beach in St Ives, Cornwall


Perfect for winter windsurfing, Marazion is home to some of the best waves in the UK and beyond when the conditions are right. Cornwall’s oldest town is also home to the iconic St Michael’s Mount, making it one for the bucket list in terms of kitesurfing in front of a unique backdrop. The waves make for a fun ride whatever the weather, meaning you don’t need to travel to some faraway land to shred during the colder months – as long as you don’t mind a little bit of cold water!

The coastline in Marazion, Cornwall

Watergate Bay

Located just down the road from Newquay, kitesurfing at Watergate Bay will work on anything from a SSW to a Northerly wind. The seas here are known for clean conditions, meaning there’s plenty of flat water between waves for significant boosts, but you should avoid launching two hours either side of high tide when the beach disappears. This sandy haven is understandably popular with beach-goers and bathers, so the waters can get busy during peak months. There is a fantastic Beach Hut pub to look after spectators during your time on the water during colder weather and the perfect spot for a hearty post-session meal.

Sunset at Watergate Bay in Cornwall


One of the biggest draws to Perranporth is the fact that it’s home to Britain’s only on-the-beach pub, but nightlife aside, there are plenty of reasons to head here for a kitesurfing session, regardless of your ability. There are two kiting zones on the beach; the town end at the south and the Perran Sands end at the north. On days of big tides, twin tip riders will find a number of wide, flat sections of water and many riders opt for the Perran Sands end where the waves don’t close so quickly. Again, there is no shortage of kiting schools and rental shops, but riders, be warned of the updrafts near the sandbanks at the north end.

Sunset at Perranporth beach in Cornwall

Hawker’s Cove

To the west of the opening of the Camel Estuary near Padstow sits Hawker’s Cove, home to fantastic riding and a flat-water paradise for those practising new tricks. Kitesurfing is possible during any tide, although you can expect a long walk if you’re heading out at peak low-tide. While the cove works at nearly any wind direction, N to NE are the safest, least gusty options, particularly for those who are less experienced. A fantastic beach for all kitesurfers, do remember to keep your distance from boats and other craft. Also note that kitesurfing is not allowed between 10am and 6pm during July and August.

The Bluff

Based in Hayle, Cornwall, The Bluff offers quality flat-water shredding and superb wave riding, although there is a full code of conduct to adhere to as well as the requirement of having a permit to launch there. If you’re serious about kitesurfing, you may want to get a pass by taking your BKSA card to any one of the three outlets in the nearby area. If you don’t have a BKSA card, you will need other proof that you have insurance to kitesurf in public areas. While this may seem like somewhat of a hassle for a session, it’s a fantastic spot for those hoping to practice their techniques and is said to be amongst the best places in the UK for professionals to launch and hone their skills.

A man kitesurfing at the beach

That concludes our guide to just six of the best places to kitesurf in Cornwall. Whether you’re heading down and have added some of these spots to your list or you’re yet to book a holiday but are now convinced thanks to the plethora of opportunities for shredding, we hope you have a fantastic time! Here at F-One, we provide an extensive range of kitesurfing equipment, including twin tip boards! Head over to our website to kit yourself out ahead of your trip, and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact our team today!