The Best Places to SUP Board near Sussex

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The Best Places to SUP Board near Sussex

Stand-up Paddleboarding has been around for an estimated 3000 years but was popularised in Hawaii in the 1900s. The sport itself is similar to surfing but you don’t have to wait around for the waves!

You don’t have to live in Hawaii to try one of the fastest growing water sports. Here we take a look at some of the places in Sussex you can give paddleboarding a try!

Cuckmere Valley, East Sussex

The Cuckmere Valley is a stunning place. The river meanders which makes this not only a fun place to paddleboard but, usefully, it is also cut off from the sea, making it unaffected by tides and currents. This makes it safe for even the newest of beginners.

The water is shallow and if you go at sunset, you can paddle your way through the meander for an hour and paddle back under the stars.

Two Tree Island – Belton Way, Leigh-on-sea

Two Tree Island is adjacent to the internationally-protected Thames Estuary and is a winter refuge for a huge variety of wildfowl and waders.
The land itself was reclaimed from the sea in the 18th century when a seawall was built around it. The land then was initially used for farming but is now managed as the nature reserve at Leigh- on -sea.

What makes this a special place to go paddleboarding is its surrounding nature. The western side is home to huge mudflats that surround the water. These are a fantastic habitat for all kinds of wildlife, from flocks of dark-bellied brent geese to hundreds of waders, in all kinds of species, making the mud flats their home in winter. From the eastern side of Two Tree Island, there are plenty of fascinating salt-marsh plants, such as sea lavender and golden samphire to spot as you go by.

It is mentioned that the best time to paddleboard at Two Tree Island is when it’s two hours around high tide, so it’s best to plan ahead before you travel.

Chalkwell Beach – Southend-on–Sea

Chalkwell beach is another excellent spot to paddleboard, boasting a beautiful sandy beach. The Crownstone, a large granite Obelisk, can be found just off the beach. This stone was placed there in the 19th century and makes this an exciting landscape to paddleboard.

The best time to paddleboard at Chalkwell beach is around 2.5 hours of high tide. It’s best to check the forecast as winds can see this area get really choppy! Chalkwell beach is at its best to paddleboard when there is little to no wind whatsoever.

Two People Paddleboarding

River Chelmer – Essex

If the sea breeze is something you are looking to avoid and strong winds while paddleboarding isn’t your idea of fun, the River Chelmer is the perfect inland place to get your paddleboard on.

The river is surrounded by stunning trees and countryside, which provides great cover from the wind and ensures the water stays flat, which is ideal for both beginner and experienced paddleboarders who want a relaxing time. Locks also manage this river, meaning there is almost no current. However, rainwater can affect the water level, so be sure to check ahead if there has been heavy rain in the area.

Viking Bay – Broadstairs, Kent

Viking Bay in Kent is famous for its relation to Charles Dickens, who used to frequent this small sandy bay on holidays. Popular with local longboard surfers, the beach experiences a soft swell and works with a range of wind directions, making it a reliable choice for paddleboarders looking to experience a ride on the waves.

This is a particularly great spot for families looking to try paddleboarding together as there are changing huts here at this beach, along with plenty of seaside shops and a lift down the cliff into charming Broadstairs town!

Whether you’ve never tried paddleboarding or are an expert in the area, there are some perfect waters within reach of Sussex! If you are new to paddleboarding, you might not know there are different types of boards. We would recommend an inflatable SUP. These boards are easy to take with you, which is a great plus point if you want to find out where your favourite spot would be. Check out our range of inflatable stand up paddle board UK for your perfect board.