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The Best Places to Kitesurf Across the UK

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The Best Places to Kitesurf Across the UK

Kitesurfing is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most popular water sports! The thrill of riding the waves at high speeds is hard to replicate, making it no surprise that so many have begun taking this up over the last few years! While we often complain about the Great British weather, one thing we have in abundance is wind and coastlines, meaning there are plenty of places to get your surf on!

However, what if you’re looking for that unique location to open your kite? We’ve taken a look at the most popular kitesurfing spots in the UK and chosen some of our personal favourites. If you’re looking for a memorable kitesurfing adventure, consider these excellent spots!

Gwithian, Cornwall

Cornwall, the southwest point of England, has for generations been a popular holiday location for those who love the beach. With over 250 miles of coastline and around 300 beaches, visitors are truly spoilt for choice.

If you’re looking for the best kitesurfing conditions, these are usually found in West Cornwall, particularly the region of St Ives Bay. This shallow, open crescent along Cornwall’s north coast has three miles of beaches that are wonderfully open, facing out to the Atlantic Ocean. Gwithian beach at the north of St Ives Bay is a particular favourite of kitesurfers, as this area combines the reliable winds with good wave conditions.

Hayling Island, Hampshire

A particularly popular location with experienced kitesurfers, Hayling Island just recently hosted the 2019 Kitesurfing Armada Festival. Connected to Hampshire via a bridge, this small island along England’s south coast is a beautiful tourist location. With miles of beach stretching along its base, it’s no surprise kitesurfers from all around congregate here!

Many water sports like to call Hayling Island their home, but there is also a dedicated beach for kitesurfing. Its open nature means that it works with any wind that is not north, while it can also be ridden at nearly every tide. High tides create shore breaks which are great for kitesurfers looking to practice their turns, so why not bring your best kitesurfing boards down and give it a go? That said, at low tide, this beach is suited to all levels of ability.

A beach at Hayling Island, Hampshire

Isle Of Tiree, Hebrides

If you’re looking for a true kitesurfing adventure, then the Isle of Tiree should be high on your water sports bucket list! The Isle of Tiree is located on Scotland’s beautiful west coast and is the most western island of the Inner Hebrides.

A beautifully scenic spot by itself, its location on the Gulf Stream makes it also the perfect place for kitesurfing. Vast, open coastlines bathed in sunshine are the norm in this gem of a spot. With beaches facing almost every point, there are kiting opportunities regardless of wind direction. Meanwhile, their shallow nature can suit both beginners and those looking to expand their trick range!

St Anne’s, Blackpool

This beach is one of our favourite places to kitesurf near Manchester. A location that is quickly making a name for itself in the UK scene, St Anne’s offers much more than initially meets the eye. Located south of the famous Pleasure Beach, St Anne’s is a wide-open space with plenty of wind exposure and one of the biggest kitesurfing communities going!

Large flat-water lagoons are frequent here, creating the perfect spaces for advanced riders to master their tricks. However, for those looking for waves, they can still be found further away from the coast. The beach’s tide range is vast, and it can be tricky at high tide when the water comes into the dunes. However, as beaches go, few offer such varied conditions to try out your craft.

St Anne’s kitesurfing beach in the UK

Rhosneigr, Anglesey

The North-West Wales coast is something of a hotbed for advanced kitesurfers, and among these beaches, Rhosneigr is a crowd favourite. It is located along the west coast of the island of Anglesey, facing the Irish Sea. One of the key characteristics here is the incredible amount of wind it receives, which can create some excellent wave conditions.

The northern bay at Rhosneigr is the one used by kitesurfers, with the southern bay populated by surfers. Winds from the north can be particularly strong, creating choppy conditions which are great for experienced riders looking to test their control. Despite this, you can find calmer, shallower waters close to the shoreline, perfect for practising tricks.

Rhosneigr kitesurfing beach in Wales

Of course, this is just a selection of some of the best kitesurfing spots across the UK. Thankfully, there is almost no end to the number of great beaches that can be found along our coast. We’re sure you’ll have some hidden gems to suggest to fellow riders, so why not join the conversation on our social media channels?