The Best Places to Kitesurf in Pembrokeshire

The Best Places to Kitesurf in Pembrokeshire

While there are several prime kitesurfing spots across the UK, Pembrokeshire is undoubtedly one of the best and offers several locations for riders to get out on the waves for a good old shredding session! Whether you an experienced kitesurfer visiting the area on holiday or a local learning this enthralling water sport, here are just some of the best places to kitesurf in Pembrokeshire:

Freshwater West

As well as being a popular surfing beach, Freshwater West is also a hotspot for kitesurfers and offers plenty of room for everyone to enjoy wave riding. You can catch the wind from northerly or south east on this beautiful beach, however, make sure that you do this at low tide to ensure that it cleans up as it blows off the land. Those in search of a thrill will relish tackling the heavy wave and rip currents while others can practice their freestyle on the various flat-water spots. Plus, with free parking, there’s no need to rush, and you can spend hours on the waves, no matter what time of year you’re visit!

A person performing a jump while kitesurfing near a beach.

Broad Haven

Undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in Pembrokeshire, Broad Haven Beach is a must for those who want to bask in the sunshine and enjoy some top-notch kitesurfing action. Facing North West, the best riding here tends to be from west to north; however, one of the major draws of this beach is that you can launch at any stage of the tide meaning you can enjoy a session on the waves no matter the time of day! Catch some big waves or perfect your tricks before heading to one of the nearby pubs for refreshments.


Not only does this stunning beach offer spectacular views of the surrounding coast but it also caters to kitesurfers of all levels, making it the ideal location for amateurs as well as professionals. Those who are trying the water sport for the first time can visit the Big Blue Experience water sports centre, where equipment, guidance and lessons are all available to help you master kitesurfing. While novices can learn, experienced riders can tackle the large surf and enjoy some serious wave riding on a south east wind!

The waves breaking on the pebbly shore at Newgale beach during sunset.

Tenby South

This family-friendly beach stretches for over two kilometres providing plenty of room for kitesurfing; however, it tends to be a little more popular with beginners for two reasons. As well as its slightly sheltered positioning, the Whiteback sandbank creates shallow waters at low tide, making it super safe if you are still in the learning phase. While big waves tend to be a rarity here, the consistent surf, pleasant surroundings and nearby amenities make up for the smaller swell, so we definitely recommend a visit. But be warned as parking can get a little pricey in the peak summer months!


Situated around the Cardigan Bay area, this small beach lies on the banks of an estuary close to the town of Cardigan and is a great spot for kitesurfing tourists if you’re visiting the area. However, due to facing south-west towards the River Teifi, strong winds and waves are plenty. As such, this is a spot for experienced kitesurfers only who know how to handle challenging conditions.

A man kitesurfing in front of breaking wave in the middle of the sea.


Although a section of this beach is off-limits during the week, the entire five miles are accessible at weekends, making this a great spot for those who want to enjoy the large swells and challenging chop that are usually on offer. Due to facing south, riders can easily glide clockwise from WSW around to East for an exciting kitesurfing session. However, be sure to check the tide times before visiting Pendine, as at high tide, you cannot launch from the beach as there is no beach left!

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