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The Best Places to Kitesurf Near London

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The Best Places to Kitesurf Near London

London, like many other cities, offers limited options when it comes to good kitesurfing locations. However, while the city itself may not cater for enthusiasts of this exciting water sport, there are a number of fantastic spots close to the capital where kitesurfers from all walks of life can relish some well-earned time out on the waves. From the golden shores of Camber Sands to the beautiful Poole Harbour, here are just a few of the best places to kitesurf near London:

1. Camber Sands

Located on the South East coast, Camber Sands is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of busy London life and relish some top-notch kitesurfing action. Not only can this idyllic spot be reached in about an hour from central London, but both wind and water conditions here are second to none meaning no matter what your level, whether you’re a newbie to the sport or a kitesurfing pro, you’re sure to catch some fantastic wind and waves!

The Kitesurf Centre, a kitesurfing school located on the beach itself, is another draw of this fantastic location. One of only three BKSA National Training Centres in the UK, the team at the Kitesurf Centre are able to provide the highest level of coaching available to budding kitesurfers, along with the very best kitesurfing equipment; pair this with Camber’s sound conditions, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for kitesurfing success!

A clear view of people walking along Camber Sands beach on a bright day

2. Brighton

The blustery Brighton coast attracts kitesurfers from far and wide and offers some of the best conditions in the country for this popular water sport, along with a vibrant seaside scene. However, while there are several kitesurfing hotspots dotted along this picturesque coastline, Lancing Beach is undoubtedly the best.

Located just an hour away from London, this beautiful beach is a kitesurfer’s haven, especially for those who are learning for the first time. Boasting a gently shelved, sandy stretch of shallow water, Lancing Beach offers the ideal conditions for beginners to perfect the basics of this aquatic pursuit, along with the opportunity for more advanced kiters to enhance their skills further.

Additionally, the beach is also home to one of the UK’s most renowned kitesurfing schools, BN1, which is run by Stav Thraves, an experienced kitesurfer with a love of board sports. Offering tailored tuition for both individuals and groups, a session with Stav is sure to ignite your passion for this adrenaline-fuelled activity.

Stav Thraves kitesurfing at Lancing Beach near Brighton

3. Hayling Island

Another scenic location in close proximity to the UK’s capital, Hayling Island is situated along the tranquil Hampshire coast and is a thriving area for water sports of all kinds, including, of course, kitesurfing. Bestowed a European Blue Flag award for its breath-taking beaches, not only are the wind and water conditions here pretty perfect, but the surrounding scenery also makes a welcome change from London’s urban landscape.

Along with its stunning scenery, CBK, Hayling Island’s popular kitesurfing club and school, has also played a crucial part in putting this location firmly on the kitesurfing map. Chris Bull, the school’s founder and test editor of the international kitesurfing publication, Kiteworld, is one of the original pioneers of this enthralling water sport. Consequently, for novices looking to try their hand at kitesurfing, a training session with Chris and his team should certainly be on the cards!

Clouds in the sky over one of Hayling Islands beautiful beaches

4. Poole Harbour

One of the UK’s most exquisite natural harbours, Poole Harbour consists of two parts that are both great for kitesurfing; the inner harbour and the outer. For those looking for a relaxing and unlaboured kitesurf, the former is the best choice with its smoother and shallower waters. Alternatively, if you’re willing to brave the elements of a slightly rougher sea, head to the sandbanks for a more endurance-based session.

As with most popular kitesurfing locations, Poole Harbour also has its resident kitesurfing school, Easy Riders. However, this one has a difference in that it is run by Andy Gratwick, head of the National Governing Body of UK kite sports. As such, the training offered at Easy Riders is second to none and will not only teach beginners the basic skills of the water sport but will also provide them with extensive knowledge concerning kitesurfing conditions, equipment and destinations.

A group of kitesurfers riding the waves at Poole Harbour

5. Weymouth

Neighbouring Poole Harbour is Weymouth, yet another fantastic kitesurfing spot on the South East coast. Backed by pastel coloured beach huts and a pretty seaside town, Weymouth is truly a postcard-perfect destination, with the bonus of offering optimal conditions for kitesurfing. The Fleet Lagoon, a shielded inlet that connects to the sea via a tapered channel, is a great spot that caters for kitesurfers of all abilities.

While pros who have mastered the art of kitesurfing will no doubt relish the opportunity to practise their tricks at this sort-after spot, those who require a little more guidance should visit Paracademy Extreme, one of the best kitesurfing schools in the area. From one-day taster sessions to IKO instructor training courses, Paracademy Extreme not only offers the opportunity for beginners to progress their skills but for experienced kitesurfers to reach instructor level too!

Kitesurfers on Weymouth beach surfing the waves at sunset

6. Calshot

This beautiful coastal village is the perfect place to retreat to after a busy week in the big city for a spot of kitesurfing, although does require a good couple of hours travelling to reach. However, the stunning scenery paired with its diverse mix of water spots make the journey to Calshot worthwhile for those with a passion for this thrilling water sport.

Additionally, the resident kitesurfing school, Nomadic Kitesurf, will welcome amateurs and enthusiasts alike with open arms, offering lessons, training and advice to ensure you enjoy the ultimate kitesurfing experience.

A kitesurfing riding the waves at Calshot in Hampshire

Will you be escaping the city to enjoy a kitesurfing session at any of these idyllic locations? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us on our social media channels to share your experiences. Alternatively, to ensure you’re all geared up for your trip, browse our fantastic range of kitesurfing gear now. From bars and kites to spares and accessories, we have everything you’ll need to make your kitesurfing experience a true success.