The Best Kitesurfing Spots in Yorkshire

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The Best Kitesurfing Spots in Yorkshire

Stretching from the Tees estuary to the Humber estuary along the North East coast of the UK, Yorkshire boasts a coastline of some 45 miles. Made up of dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches and featuring stunning views of the wild North Sea, it is enjoyed by locals and visitors all year round. Not only does its diversity make it such a fantastic place to visit, but also provides some great opportunities for kitesurfing. If offshore isn’t your thing, there are plenty of scenic lakes set high in the hills that offer the right amount of wind and space for an excellent surf.

Best Beaches for Kitesurfing:

Whitby – Upgang

The Whitby area accumulates a large number of beaches and sands on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. Upgang beach is one of them that is well known amongst all different surfers as it is somewhat quieter than other beaches in the area. Access is via some steep steps and walkways so beware if it is your first time there. You will find the access point alongside Whitby Golf Course.

Sandsend Bay

It’s exposed layout and offshore winds from the west make the surf at Sandsend Bay relative reliable; therefore, it is a popular beach amongst those seeking to surf. Here, you’re looking for the ideal swell direction coming from the north or northeast. Watch out for the rip that runs parallel to the beach, which can be strong and check the conditions before heading out as in the right conditions this beach is not for the faint of heart.

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You’ll find Fraisthorpe just south of the seaside town of Bridlington. Both Fraisthorpe and Bridlington are popular with kitesurfers, but the former tends to be a bit quieter, and therefore, there is less worry of clashes. The cleanest winds here are more easterly, although it does work on winds from the north round to the south. Watch out up to two hours either side of high tide as there are several concrete WW2 bunkers which act as potential crash hazards. At high tide, walk further up towards Bridlington where there is usually enough room to launch and land.

Cayton Bay

Near the town of Scarborough, Cayton Bay is a popular surf spot due to a reef break that offers much cleaner sets than other nearby beaches. The waves are also some of the best in the area for freestyle riders with plenty of flat spots providing a good run-up to boost on the waves. Access to the beach from the carpark is via a steep path so take care. Watch out for the reef to the left of the bay as the tide level changes and be aware of the strong rips. The bay is also quite sheltered so be warned, stood at the top you may think you need a smaller kite, but down on the beach, you will likely need a bigger one than you thought.

Best Lakes for Kitesurfing:

Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club

A pretty reliable spot at Grimwith Reservoir, as there is nearly always a good chance of wind which gets caught off of the moors. The reservoir is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and while the weather can get a bit wild, the beautiful rugged moorland scenery more than makes up for it. Non-members can pay a small fee for the luxury of the sailing club’s facilities, including showers and a café (subject to opening hours). The sailing club also hires out boards and rigs and offers training sessions and courses for all skill levels. It is a great place if you’re looking to get some experience.

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Pugneys Country Park

Another super spot for varying skill levels, just to the west of Wakefield is Pugneys Country Park. The park features a 100-acre watersports lake specifically for non-powered watersports such as kitesurfing and canoeing. You can hire kit or bring your own, and there are coaching programmes available all year round. There is a range of other activities available at the park and facilities include a café and toilets.

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