The Best Kitesurfing Spots for Beginners

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The Best Kitesurfing Spots for Beginners

Kitesurfing is one of the most exciting things you can do on the water! Whether it’s on flat water or big waves, cutting over the water like this is a unique sensation we think everyone should try at least once! With the right guide, kitesurfing is a sport open to everyone – just check out our blog on kitesurfing with children!

It’s no surprise, then, that so many people are looking to take up kitesurfing across the UK. However, with our sport conditions can be crucial, and some beaches provide a challenge that may not be best for new kitesurfers. Here, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular kitesurfing spots across the UK for beginners, so you can feel confident heading out onto the water!

Lancing Beach, Brighton

Without doubt one of the best places in the UK for learning the sport of kitesurfing, Lancing Beach in Brighton, Sussex, offers the perfect conditions for honing your craft. At low tide, the water is shallow for the best part of 100 metres, which makes it easy to recover and restart after a fall. During the summer months, the ocean is almost flat, with only entry-level waves during the winter months. The open waters also work with all winds except northerly, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to launch, although do check the forecast before travelling!

Perhaps just as important as the conditions is the area’s community feel, and Lancing has that in abundance. It is one of the UK’s most popular beginner locations, with multiple schools and sections of the beach dedicated to lessons! Get in contact with the locals and arrange a session to hone your kitesurfing skills further.

Hayling Island

One of the biggest kitesurfing locations in the UK, Hayling Island on England’s south coast is a hive for kitesurfing enthusiasts. A sizeable portion of the beach is marked for kitesurfers, and you can find everything you need for a good session along the shore.

Unlike Lancing Beach, Hayling Island’s conditions can fluctuate, so arriving at the best time for beginners is essential. High water, especially during spring tides, can bring swells and heavy shore breaks which are unsuitable for beginners. However, at low tide, this location offers flat waters that are perfect for learning your craft, or maybe even trying a few tricks! Similar to Brighton, Hayling Island has a fantastic kitesurfing community, so if you need guidance or support, you’ll certainly find it here.

Beach huts by the sea at Hayling Island, kitesurfing spot in the UK


Located in Carmarthenshire, Southwest Wales, the small village of Pendine is a picturesque holiday destination. It is also home to one of the longest, smoothest beaches in the UK – so long that it’s previously been used to attempt land speed records! It’s peaceful and open nature also lends itself to being another of the UK’s go-to kitesurfing spots for beginners.

The sea at Pendine is shallow for around thirty metres at most tides, creating the perfect environment for kitesurfing. While it’s hard to launch here at high tide as the sea swallows most of the beach, the small swells make this an ideal training ground for beginners.


The Ray is one of the most unique kitesurfing locations in the UK, in the sense that for most of the day, it doesn’t exist! The Ray is a small stretch of water just off of Chalkwell Beach, along the Thames Estuary, that only appears at low tide. Some of the flattest swell imaginable, it’s a popular location for speedsters but also provides the ideal conditions for beginners.

If planning your trip, The Ray is usually best to visit between four and five hours after Chalkwell’s high tide. From there, The Ray is accessible for around four hours. Note that there is no area to launch and land once the high tide returns, so ensure you don’t get caught out by the rising water!

Sunset over the water at Southend-on-Sea


If you’re looking for an excellent spot for beginners in Scotland, then Troon on the west coast has got to be high on your list of places to visit. Much like Lancing in Brighton, it has everything someone learning the craft wants from a beach. It’s incredibly long with plenty of space for launching and landing at all tides. The swell remains low year-round while the wind is often rideable – it’s just 15 minutes from a wind farm, after all!

Troon is two beaches divided by a marina, with the northern section – referred to as Barassie Beach – approved for kitesurfers. There is a huge kitesurfing community here with ample parking, schools and everything else you could possibly need for the perfect day on the water!

These are some of the best kitesurfing locations in the UK for beginners, but there are plenty more out there to discover! Ultimately, with the right guidance, most beaches in the UK can be made to feel comfortable.

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