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The Best Kitesurfing Instagram Accounts to Follow

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The Best Kitesurfing Instagram Accounts to Follow

Among other exciting pursuits, if you’re a keen kitesurfer, Instagram is the place to be. Not only is this popular platform the perfect place to scope out inspiration for kitesurfing tricks and techniques, but it’s also a fantastic source for browsing the latest kitesurfing equipment, destinations and several other aspects of this enthralling watersport. Whether you are on a mission to gain an insight into the lives of other kitesurfers or just love looking at incredibly cool pictures, here are just some of the best kitesurfing Instagram accounts to follow:

1. The Kite Shots @thekiteshots

A digital curation of some of the most dynamic kitesurfing photos and videos on the whole of the ‘gram, The Kite Shots is certainly one to follow for kitesurfing enthusiasts across the globe. From scenic shots of some of the most exotic watersports locations in the world to closeup action videos demonstrating some great techniques, this vibrant account is sure to inspire you, no matter what level you’re at! Use the tag #thekiteshots to be in with a chance on making it onto their feed.  

2. Vincent Bergeron @bergeron_vincent

The Instagram feed of French Canadian photographer, Vincent Bergeron, is brimming with the most awe-inspiring kitesurfing images and is consequently high on our list of Instagram accounts to follow. Capturing kitesurfers in action is tricky business, but according to his subjects, Vincent isn’t fazed by this; every time he achieves a good shot, he apparently lets out a cheer! Check out his diverse and dramatic imagery by giving him a follow. 

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3. Kai Lenny @kai_lenny

From foiling to surfing, Kai Lenny is truly the king of watersports judging by his diverse Instagram feed. Based in Hawaii, Kai lives in the ideal location to perfect his aquatic pursuits, showcasing his skills on the water via a mixture of exciting images and personal videos. If you’re in need of a little surfing inspo or want to see some great foiling techniques in action, this guy is a must.

4. Svetlana Romantsova @romantsovaphoto

While Russian photographer, Svetlana Romantsova’s account is not purely dedicated to kitesurfing, it offers a cool combination of sports, travel and lifestyle images that are sure to make you want to explore the world on your board. The official VKWC photographer is truly gifted when it comes to capturing both action and scenic shots, most of which are characterised by a vibrant yet vintage style. Repping the ladies of this industry, she is undoubtedly one to watch!

5. Sam Light @samlight1

Two times KPL champion and four times Triple S winner Sam Light is sure to liven up your Instagram home feed with some action-packed kitesurfing imagery. As well as being an avid kitesurfer himself, Sam also coaches others around the world, providing tips and tricks to help them perfect their technique and of course, learn from one of the best. Catching the waves locally and abroad, this blonde-haired waterman is certainly worth a follow! 

6. Andre Phillip @andrephillip

If you’re looking for something to aspire to, the Instagram account of Andre Phillip is sure to provide it. A forerunner in the wakestyle movement and one of the world’s original kitesurfing pros, Andre really does know his stuff when it comes to kitesurfing and is lucky enough to live in one of the world’s best locations to practise it; Antigua. If his intimate action shots out on the waves don’t immediately draw you in, the azure waters that seem to feature in every one of his images certainly will! 

7. Charlotte Consorti @chaconsorti

Another legend in the world of kitesurfing, Charlotte Consorti is the three times KiteSpeed World Champion; consequently, if you’re looking to take down those waves swiftly and professionally, we recommend following this incredibly talented surfer chick. Her photos show her enjoying her passion in various locations around the globe as well as showing her more candid side where she can be seen relaxing in the sun or working on her fitness.


8. F-One Kites @fonekitesuk

Finally, while we are still relatively new to the ‘gram here at F-One Kites, we will be utilising this iconic platform to showcase some of the most innovative kitesurfing products including everything from kitesurfing boards to Manera wetsuits, as well as our own exciting projects and, of course, a selection of inspiring imagery that is sure to ignite your kitesurfing passion. So, why not give us a follow today?