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The Best Christmas Gifts for Ocean Lovers

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Ocean Lovers

The festive season is here and, like many of us at F-One UK, you’ll no doubt be searching for some fantastic gifts to bestow upon your loved ones this Christmas. To ensure you get it right and choose the perfect present for your fellow ocean lovers, we’ve put together a list of our top picks; from car seat covers to board wax, there’s something for everyone here!

Car Seat Cover

For kitesurfers, paddleboarders and many other water sports lovers, a car seat cover is one of the most luxurious gifts that can be bestowed at Christmas time. Not only will a soft neoprene car seat cover like the Manera Car Seat Cover help to keep your seat dry if you’re still a little damp after a day of shredding, but it also makes for a more comfortable journey home, whether that’s five minutes down the road or half a day’s travel away!


Our Neoprene Manera Car Seat Cover in black

Dry Phone Case

For ocean lovers, a dry phone case will make the perfect Christmas gift for several reasons. Not only will it keep their phone safe and sand and salt free while they head out to shred some waves, but it will also provide them with the means of contacting someone on shore in the case of an emergency. Without one of these, there’s no chance of taking your phone in the water with you without it getting ruined.  

Foot Straps

Along with gloves and boots, foot straps can provide invaluable support to both kitesurfers and surfers while out of the waves. For those who are new to these adrenaline-fuelled sports, these handy straps can help with balance while for more experienced riders, they allow tricks to be practised swiftly and safely without fear of taking a tumble. For a slick and secure surf, opt for our Surf Footstraps to experience maximum comfort and support.  

Our 2018 Surf Footstrap in yellow and blue


Whether you’re crazy about kitesurfing or a solid surfer, gloves are an essential accessory for any ocean lover, especially in the UK where the waters are particularly chilly in comparison to several other of our European neighbours.

When out on the waves, our extremities are the first to feel the effects of cold weather, so it is important to keep them as warm as possible. Being made of Glideskin material that is incredibly water and windproof, the Manera Magma Gloves will ensure your hands are kept nice and toasty while providing maximum grip for your bar/board/paddle, even in the chilliest conditions.

Our Manera Gloves in black

Kiteworld Magazine Subscription

Whether you’re in search of a Christmas gift for a kitesurfing novice or an experienced wave rider, a subscription to Kiteworld magazine is sure to be a hit with any kiter no matter their level. From destination guides and product reviews to breathtaking images and kitesurfing tips, Kiteworld is the go-to journal for exciting kitesurfing content. With six additions annually, this is a gift that just keeps on giving all year round!


There’s nothing worse than getting out of the water after catching some great waves to find you’ve got nothing to keep you warm while you hurriedly get changed out of your wetsuit. In this situation, a poncho is a godsend and will provide some much-needed warmth while popping on some dry clothes.

Made from bamboo fabric to minimise impacts on the environment whilst keeping ocean lovers toasty, the Manera Poncho is one of the best ponchos on the current market and offers several benefits. As well as absorbing water four times better than regular cotton, these snuggly ponchos dry twice as fast as other materials meaning that after you’re dressed and ready to go, you can pack it away instantly without worrying if it’s still wet or not! Available in grizzly (grey) and blue varieties.

Our Manera Poncho in grizzly (grey)


For kiters and SUP fanatics, a pump is a vital piece of kit and will enable you to inflate your kite or SUP board quickly and painlessly, so you can get out on the water in no time at all.

Our F-One Big Air Kite Pump is super-lightweight, has two inflating speeds and is supplied with three adapters to meet different valves including inflatable SUP types, making it one of the most versatile pumps you can buy!

Our F-One Big Air Kite Pump in pink and yellow


Perhaps the most versatile Christmas gift, board wax is something that every kitesurfer, paddleboarder and surfer needs to help them stick to their board for a successful session out on the waves. While standard surf wax caters for surfers, it doesn’t tend to work so well for those who love to kitesurf or SUP; however, the Manera Magic Wax does!

Created especially for strapless kitesurfing and SUP use, this versatile wax is extremely sticky, works on pads, and doesn’t melt in the sun, making it a top choice for many water sports fanatics. Available in base coat or ultra-sticky varieties!

Our Base Coat Manera Magic Wax

We hope these gifts have provided you with some inspiration as to what to get your ocean-loving loved ones this Christmas. However, if you’re still in need of advice regarding our kitesurfing equipment UK or SUP collection, get in touch with us at F-One Kites UK – we’re always happy to help!