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The Benefits of Wearing Kitesurfing Boots

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The Benefits of Wearing Kitesurfing Boots

There is much speculation for budding kitesurfers on the implications when changing from straps to boots. Both equally unique, each has their specific advantages. When deciding if you are ready to take the plunge and wear boots, you need to keep two things in mind. Firstly, what motivation do you have and secondly, what style would you like to achieve? Straps and boots accomplish two different techniques, which our blog will go on to explain. If you are in need of some new gear before perfecting your kitesurfing style, be sure to check out our manera wetsuits and other accessories!

How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Transition to Boots?

Before we go into detail about boots, this is an excellent query to clear up. A respectable level of experience and skill is required when making the transition from straps to boots, especially when it comes down to controlling the kite. There are two main things you must be able to accomplish to ride with boots safely. Firstly, while on the shore, you must have the capability to use both hands to tighten up boots while making sure your kite doesn’t crash. Secondly, when attempting tricks in boots, you should be unhooked. It is generally not a suitable transition for those who are primarily interested in doing tricks and jumps while hooked. This is down to the aftermath of a crash. If you are wearing boots and do not make a clean landing, your board will be unmoveable on the water. Therefore, to avoid being pulled, you need to let go of the bar. If you are hooked in, removing yourself from the bar is difficult and can result in a lot of pain! However, if you are capable of achieving your moves unhooked, letting go of the bar at the same time as the fall creates less chance of a severe impact.

Now we have clarified that, we will look at why some kitesurfers choose to wear boots and what is their benefit.

Guy holding onto board by sea edge.

Boots Allow You to Focus on Wakestyle

Using boots while kitesurfing imitates the style of boarding created when behind a boat or towed at a cable park. This is because the heaviness created by the boots (and the specific board required for them) allows you to attempt rallies and handle passes with more power than when you use straps. Grinding piers and hitting kickers can be attempted too. To practice, you need to make sure there is decent wind with little water movement!

You are Capable of Achieving Higher Impact Tricks and Do Better Pops

As previously mentioned, the additional weight of the boots allows you to attempt higher power and impactful tricks. Instead of freestyling as you would do with straps, you can ride with the kite slightly lower and with more power. As a result, holding down the edge in the water is more achievable due to the weight of the boots and harder tricks can be attempted. Your pops will be bigger, and it will support you in going for higher and faster-unhooked tricks.

Guy reaching down to water while doing a turn.

Cruising is made slightly easier while wearing boots.

Again, this is due to the increased weight, which keeps you and the board weighted to the water, allowing you to ride more steadily at a regular pace.

They Protect Ankles from Twisting

The durability and the strength needed for kitesurfing boots means they are incredibly supportive and twisting your ankle is less likely. It is essential to ensure your boots are secure and as small as comfortably possible for them to provide stability. Due to the security of your feet and ankles, your knees will also benefit from bending correctly, reducing the risk of injury.

You Can Ride Over ‘Anything’

The term ‘anything’ obviously has its limits but, in general, the boards required for kitesurfing with boots do not have a fin and are produced with extra strength and durability in mind. As a result, you can ride over and through most obstacles. Whether that be a sandbank or a ramp, your board will be able to take the impact.

Boots Give Kitesurfing a Different Feel

Overall, transitioning to boots will give you a different feel to kitesurfing with straps. The general feeling will be more intense and powerful, providing an exciting experience.

In conclusion, kitesurfing boots allow you to attempt tricks unhooked. If you are not at this level yet, hooked-in tricks are better with straps. If you need some more information for your next kitesurf, take a look at our blog on The Best Places to Kitesurf in the UK for some inspiration.