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Bandit 2020: Our New Kitesurfing Kite

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Bandit 2020: Our New Kitesurfing Kite

As we enter a new year, many choose to set themselves new year’s resolutions, such as getting fitter or simply spending more time outdoors. What better way to achieve both than kitesurfing? The sport is fun, thrilling and suitable for all ages and abilities. Whether you are just starting out or you have been enjoying the sport for years, read on to find out why you should get your hands on our new kite for next year!

What is the BANDIT 2020?

The BANDIT 2020 is a legendary kitesurfing kite that can transform your performance and is almost 100% new to its previous model. This year, improvements and modifications have been made to advance the overall performance, providing enhanced manoeuvrability, control and stability. We wanted to focus on big air and the mega loop direction, which makes the BANDIT 2020 a great kitesurfing kite for freeriders. Below is a video that showcases this incredible kite!

New Bridle

The updated spider four or five-point bridle setup allows the smaller sizes to achieve overpowered riding, big air and kite loops, and also enables the larger kites to offer significant control and freeride abilities. Furthermore, the arc of the kite is supported by the new bridle and can keep the kite stable even in extreme conditions. The added level of control and comfort can make the ride far more enjoyable and is perfect for mastering your skills. The decrease in lateral pull will help not to tire out the rider and it won’t feel challenging out on the water; instead, it should be a pleasant ride.

Five kitsurfers using the BANDIT 2020 kite

Improved Kite Stability

The BANDIT 2020 has also been designed not to distort when it is depowered. Instead, the kite maintains its shape and remains in the same place in the window, no matter the strength of the wind. The ability to stay strong and stable generates a steady and effortless forward momentum, even in the most extreme conditions. The rider can maintain energy and stay out in the water for longer.

Larger Leading Edge and Enhanced Wingtips

In addition to the new bridle concept, the leading edge is a little larger in diameter compared to previous models; this improves stability in the air. Furthermore, the wingtips have a squarer and more drawn out shape which allows the kite to rotate through turns at high speeds. It achieves this by having less drag due to the slimmer angle on the rake of the tip. The new design also produces a wide, dynamic turn, and this can offer plenty of pull and power through the turns, meaning you can achieve huge kite loops!

A kitesurfer using the BANDIT 2020

More Control and Explosive Takeoffs

Another new feature of the BANDIT 2020 is the turning speed and reactive steering. The bar pressure is slightly more positive than previous models, and this will allow you to feel precisely where the kite is at all times. When looping the kite, you will really feel the benefit of this feature. The turning of the kite is always controlled and the speed back to the zenith is quick and clean; perfect for mastering mega loops while feeling safe. Explosive takeoffs can also easily be achieved with the BANDIT 2020 due to the fast nature of the kite. The kite is an all-rounder, like all the previous BANDIT models, but this generation has an emphasis on kite loops and big air.

BANDIT 2020 Sizes

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Wind Range (knts)









That completes our exploration into the BANDIT 2020! If you are interested in kitesurfing in the UK, look no further than F-One. We sell a range of kitesurfing equipment, including boards, kites, and more, so browse our online shop today for everything you need to hit the waves. Should you have any questions about the kites mentioned in our list, or you would simply like some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the friendly members of staff. We are more than happy to assist.