8 Reasons to Try SUP Yoga

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8 Reasons to Try SUP Yoga

Combining two incredibly pleasurable sports, paddleboard yoga has been gaining traction in recent years. Popular with SUPers and yogis alike, the attractive thing about SUP yoga is you don’t have to be a pro in either field to get started. Classes are popping up all over the country, and you may be thinking about giving it a go. With a wide variety of benefits, we’ve found plenty of reasons why you should.

It Will Improve Your SUP Skills

Paddleboarding requires the use of a lot of muscles that need to be well balanced, flexible and strong. Yoga is a fantastic way to refine these techniques; the added benefit is that you are honing these skills where they will be needed the most, on a paddleboard. Furthermore, SUP yoga combines two skills that ultimate in a unique workout that is different to either practice on their own.

You Will be More Focused

Yoga requires you to be fully present and encourages you to become more aware of your breathing and body. The focus needed to keep balanced and stay on your board will allow you to concentrate on certain areas of your fitness that may need improvement. For example, is it easier to move one arm in a full circle than the other? This is quite common and raising awareness of the issue means you are able to focus on improving this area.

Yoga Can Improve Mental Health

Extensive research exists linking yoga to improved mental health. Through practising being present and mindful, yoga can help you to prioritise the important things in life while realising you may be worrying about the wrong things. Through time and meditative practice, many people find a renewed sense of self. The natural location of many SUP classes is a fantastic way to connect with nature and find a new level of appreciation for the water and surrounding natural world.

It Will Refine Core Strength

Core muscle strength and balance are synonymous with each other. The poses and breathing exercises, along with the unstable quality of the board, are the perfect recipe to boost core strength. With this in mind, not only can this benefit paddleboarders but can also be beneficial for other surfers too.

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Yoga Can Help You Sleep

Another well-researched topic, if you struggle to drift off in the evenings, SUP yoga may be the answer. Yoga teaches mindfulness which is essentially being fully present in a given moment. Those who struggle to sleep often report an inability to ‘switch off’ and a racing mind. It can, therefore, be assumed that an improved ability to be present and control disrupting thoughts can lead to improved sleep. Furthermore, physical exercise can help to tire the body and mind, meaning your quality of sleep will improve.

Each Session Will Present a New Challenge

While you may hope for a still, sunny day, it is unlikely that every session will be in optimal conditions. This can be a good thing as every session will bring you a new challenge and therefore a chance to develop skills. Windier conditions will mean less stability for the board if you are practising in a lake or the sea. Take this as a positive and consider it as the weather fast-tracking you into becoming a SUP pro.

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SUP Yoga Can Relieve Stress

The stress-relieving qualities of yoga combined with being out in the water doing something you love can be the perfect tonic for calm. We all know the importance of unwinding and chilling out; scientifically speaking, doing this can lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

You Will Have Fun

Perhaps most importantly, SUP yoga can be incredibly enjoyable, and that’s possibly the best reason to do something! Being outside on the water and on a board is one of the best feelings. SUP yoga is another excuse to get out and enjoy yourself.

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