Eight Reasons to Start SUP this Spring

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Eight Reasons to Start SUP this Spring

Stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) is a fantastic sport that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Unlike many other water sports, you don’t have to be particularly fit, although it may help for longer sessions, or even water confident, given that you spend the majority of the time above water. Living near the sea may make for more picturesque paddles but is certainly not a pre-requisite for the sport and there are many rivers, lakes and canals that prove just as beautiful. If you’re looking to try something new in 2019 and would like a unique hobby to fill some time on weekends, look no further than investing in some SUP lessons and you’ll be stood up and paddling away in no time! Unconvinced? We’ve come up with just eight reasons to start SUP, perfect to share with a friend you’re trying to convince to start with you!

Learning is Easy…

…in comparison to other sports! You don’t need a specialist collection of skills to succeed in SUP, although a good attitude, a sense of humour and an open mind will certainly help. If you can stand on the ground, chances are you’ll be able to stand on a board on the water, albeit a bit wobbly to begin with. There is a plethora of nuances to consider for paddle technique, but the basic stroke is easy to pick up and you won’t need to experience any number of embarrassing bails before you master it.

It’s the Ideal Exercise

For those of us that struggle to pound mile after mile on the treadmill or find length after length of the pool a little uninspiring, SUP is a great way to improve your fitness and build muscle in a new and exciting way. SUP can be adapted depending on what you want from the sport. For example, even the fittest of athletes can create a challenging session that works every muscle of the body, while those who undertake very little exercise can opt for a gentle paddle that requires minimum physical exertion.

You’ll Explore New Places on Your Doorstep

We are all guilty of living close to beautiful natural settings but rarely finding the time to visit and explore the entire area. Paddle boarding requires little more than a large expanse of water, meaning there is likely to be lakes, rivers, bays and canals near you that SUP encourages you to check out. Local clubs will know of all the best spots in your area, but as you get a little more experienced, you’ll understand what makes a good paddling spot and can pioneer new locations while the sport remains relatively new. 

Take a Step Back from Busy 21st-Century Lifestyles

With the numerous stresses of everyday life, relaxing moments where you can take a step back from the madness and have some time to yourself are few and far between. For those living in urban areas, making the journey to a SUP spot and having the place to yourself makes for a chilled session and the rare opportunity to be alone. 

Take a Break from Screens

Most modern workplaces involve screens of some kind, be it a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or television to the point where they are almost unavoidable throughout the working week. Upon returning home from work, we like to catch up with friends near and far via social media before settling down for a night in front of the latest bingeworthy Netflix series. Our grandmothers may have been joking when they warned of square eyes, but we can’t help but wonder what previous generations would make of this increasing reliance on technology. Luckily, SUP provides a screen-free opportunity where you can actually appreciate the beautiful world around you with your own eyes.

It’s Inexpensive

When you think of gym memberships costing upwards of £50 per month and the various equipment required by some water sports, SUP is a cheap and cheerful alternative that even the most modest of lifestyles are likely to be able to afford. Whether you rent equipment at every session or invest in an inflatable board to call your own, board and paddle is all you’ll need to get out on the water. Those practising in the UK would be wise to consider one of our Manera wetsuits to tackle those unforgiving winter evenings, but fair-weather riders who prefer summer paddling will be able to get away with just swimmies or a t-shirt and shorts

You’ll Make New Friends

Whether you join a local club or start to get to know the regulars at your local SUP hub, they’re usually a friendly bunch who are more than happy to share tips and advice. There are even SUP forums whereby you can interact with other boarders online, which can be joined via a simple Google search. 

You’re in Good Company

Not only are the people who already do paddle boarding fantastic, but some of them are celebrities! Join the rich and famous types such as Jennifer Anniston, Lewis Hamilton and Pierce Brosnan to name just a few of society’s high fliers who make no attempt to hide their love of SUP.

That concludes our list of just eight reasons to start SUP boarding this spring – feel free to share with any friends or family members you think may need a nudge in the right direction! Before you start, be sure to check out a recent blog post Beginner’s Tips for SUP. Are you already a keen SUP enthusiast and can think of other reasons to add to the list? We’d love to hear them! Share your ideas with us and others via the comments on our social media platforms!