7 Locations on Every Kitesurfer’s Bucket List

7 Locations on Every Kitesurfer’s Bucket List

With December well and truly upon us, many will be looking forward to the festive period and beyond, setting all kinds of goals, bucket lists and resolutions for the new year ahead. Whether you’re a talented kitesurfer looking to expand on your current experience or you’re a beginner to this fantastic sport and are excited to try it out somewhere new, we’ve created the ultimate bucket list of the best kitesurfing locations all over the world for you to start ticking off in 2019! Some may need a little more saving than others, but all will provide a unique kitesurfing adventure that you’ll remember for years to come!


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 

Many kitesurfers have a slightly different American dream of their own, consisting of hitting the water under one of the most iconic bridges in the world. The waters under the Golden Gate Bridge are by no means the windiest or the waviest, but undoubtedly one of the best spots for photography and the perfect place for a new profile picture! Combine that road trip of the west coast you’ve been meaning to do for years and take a few days in San Fran so you can be sure to tick this off your bucket list! You’ll find the best winds between April and September.


Aiutaki, Cook Islands

Those looking to jet off to faraway lands should check out Aiutaki in the Cook Islands, a popular destination for all in the kitesurfing community and yet always uncrowded for those who do visit. The crystal waters of the golden sands paradise are always flat, and the trade winds allow you to whizz across the idyllic scenes with ease. As anyone who has been to this destination can attest, Aiutaki is almost a rite of passage for up and coming kitesurfers and is well worth saving up for. The winds are best in August and September, but you’ll be able to launch anytime from May onwards.

The Northern Coast of Brazil

The fantastic South American country of Brazil provides endless opportunities for kitesurfers of all abilities, each bringing something new to the table. Here, you will have a choice of flatwater or waves and the country was made for those who enjoy downwinders. It’s difficult to find a location that rivals this part of Brazil in terms of sights to see and surf, conditions and the chance of high wind. The best conditions can usually be found between August and December, so combine a kitesurfing expedition with another bucket list essential and explore elsewhere while you’re in South America.

Le Morne, Mauritius

Calling all big wave lovers, Le Morne in Mauritius is the answer to your wildest dreams when it comes to kitesurfing in swell. The waters here are natures biggest playground and allow you to shred and show off your skills in front of the most awe-inspiring surroundings, while any non-kitesurfer companions can relax on the beach while they watch you do your stuff. The best winds can be found here between June and August.


The Northern Lights, Iceland

Those with an appetite for adventure who aren’t afraid of a few sub-zero temperatures should kill two birds with one stone and opt for kitesurfing beneath the Northern lights. Not only will you be able to see one of the most fantastic sites in the world, the Northern lights, but you’ll also be able to take part in your favourite spot while you marvel at its beauty. Correct equipment is vital here and you’ll need to invest in renting or buying one of the thickest wetsuits on offer, but you won’t mind the cold conditions as soon as you hit the open water.


Tarifa, Spain

Perhaps more feasible for those of you that reside in Europe, Tarifa has grown into a mecca for kitesurfers in Europe and beyond and with over 300 days of wind and sun every year, it’s not difficult to see why. The strait of Gibraltar provides the perfect tunnel of wind all year round, and although the waters can get busy during peak season, that’s indicative of how perfect conditions can be here. This part of Spain is home to some fantastic beaches and tasty tapas, meaning any non-windsurfing accompaniments will have more than enough to do while you hit the open water.

Nabq Bay, Egypt

A fantastic town in Egypt which is protected by reefs, creating shallow and flat waters in every direction, along with a steady wind speed of at least 20 knots on most days. The tides barely affect the riding area thanks to the reef, meaning your hours out on the water are virtually unlimited. Again, there is much to see and do in this part of Egypt, so those looking for a decent holiday that has the added bonus of fantastic kitesurfing conditions will not be disappointed with a trip to Nabq Bay.

That concludes our list of seven kitesurfing locations for you to add to your bucket list for 2019 and beyond. In many cases, these can be combined with other classic New Year resolutions including to travel more and to spend more time with the people that matter in your life. Most of these locations will have shops where you will be able to rent equipment, but if you’d rather travel with your own kitesurfing harness or other items that are important to you, don’t hesitate to browse our extensive online collection today!