6 Must-Have Kitesurfing Accessories

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6 Must-Have Kitesurfing Accessories

While kitesurfing is one of the most adrenaline-fuelled water sports available to thrill seekers, that familiar feeling of flying across the waves can be made even better (hard to believe, we know) with the right accessories. To make your kitesurfing experience as exhilarating and enjoyable as possible, we’ve listed six accessories that are a must for anyone wanting to enhance their session:

Impact Vest

It is a common misconception that impact vests should only be worn by beginners who are just learning to kitesurf for the first time. However, if things don’t quite go to plan during your ride and you get into a spot of bother, they can provide vital protection for even the most experienced kitesurfers.

Additionally, not only does the foam in these vests help to shield and insulate the centre of your body, but it also doubles up to provide floatation. This means that if you get yourself into a sticky situation while out on the waves, an impact vest will deliver safety as well as comfort. Check out our Manera X10 Impact Vest here.

Action Cam

While there is little else that can match that feeling of exhilaration when kitesurfing, watching the best bits of your ride from the comfort of home comes pretty close. An action camera that can be strapped to your head, board or kite, such as a waterproof GoPro, will allow you to capture your time on the waves and relive those moments of elation – or just re-watch your mega loops over and over again! However, this handy piece of kit will also enable you to analyse your riding style and spot the areas where you could improve, making it a worthy investment if you’re looking to progress.

A shot taken with a waterproof camera of a kitesurfer performing a trick in mid-air.

Kite Pump

There’s no doubt that kite pumps are one of the most valued accessories among kitesurfers, so if you haven’t got one of the new versions, we highly recommend treating yourself! Our F-One Big Air Kite Pump allows you to inflate your kite in no time at all; simply select the inflation speed and away you go!

Surf Sunglasses

Although a great experience, a lengthy kitesurfing session means you are out in the sun all day and may spend a lot of time squinting to protect your eyes from either direct sunlight or rays bouncing off the water. Consequently, surf sunglasses are a great accessory for kitesurfers as they are specifically made to protect your eyes from those powerful rays as well as eye-watering gusts over a long period, meaning you can stay on the waves for longer to practice your technique! For maximum performance, opt for sunglasses with a wraparound frame and adjustable strap as these are the most versatile and can be easily adjusted to provide the perfect fit.


For kitesurfers, keeping warm both in and out of the water is a top priority. While your wetsuit may provide the insulation needed during your time on the waves, a damp towel won’t be enough to keep those chills away while changing out of your wetsuit. To ensure you stay covered, dry and warm while bearing all, why not invest in a poncho? Not only do fluffy robes like our Manera Poncho help keep you shielded from the cold during a wardrobe change, but they are also great to pop on before and after a kitesurfing session to keep you toasty!

Waterproof Storage Bags

Getting wet is part and parcel of the kitesurfing experience. Although you may be happy to take the plunge, you’ll probably want to avoid getting valuable items such as your phone, wallet and watch wet. However, you may not want to leave them unattended on the shore, either. Consequently, a waterproof bag could be the perfect solution, as it will allow you to carry your valuables with you at all times while protecting them from water damage. Additionally, with such a varied range of sizes and colours available on the market, you can match your bag to the size of your valuables as well as your favourite colour!

A kitesurfer holding a kiteboard and kite heading down the beach to the waves.

Do you have any other recommendations when it comes to kitesurfing accessories? If so, we’d love to hear them! Get in touch today via our social media channels to share your must-have items when hitting the waves. Alternatively, check out our great range of kitesurfing accessories now or visit our blog to discover more about what else you’ll need for a tip-top session in our ultimate guide to kitesurfing equipment.